About Us

The CSU Health Insurance Education Project (HIEP) is a joint CSU/CSULA project to educate CSU students, their families and campus staff about the new health insurance law and the opportunity it offers many in the CSU community to get affordable health insurance. CSU HIEP has representatives on 15 CSU campuses.

At SJSU, the CSU HIEP team includes one Health Science & Recreation faculty member and two Master’s of Public Health graduate students who are providing outreach and education to the SJSU community in classes and at campus events from now until March 31, 2014, which marks the end of open enrollment.

The SJSU CSU HIEP is sponsored by the Chancellor's Office, the President's Office, the College of Applied Sciences & Arts, and the Health Science & Recreation Department.  We work closely with the Student Health Center and other vital campus departments in our outreach and education efforts.

SJSU HIEP Staff Title Email

 Van Nguyen, MPH(c) & Amanda Doughtery

Campus Coordinators, Certified Covered CA Educators, & SJSU Master's of Public Health students sjsuhiep@gmail.com
Anji Buckner, MPH Northern CA Faculty Supervisor, Health Science & Recreation Faculty anji.buckner@sjsu.edu