ISE 219/COMP/PSYCH- Computer Interaction for Cyber Security

Course Catalog Description

The course covers HCI and HF in cyber security that include: authentication and access control, trust, user privacy and data protections, cyber security in social networking, data protection and security in healthcare , cyber security in eCommerce, mobile  computing & cloud computing, compliance and regulation, visualization tools and techniques in  cyber security and privacy  and homeland security and situation awareness

Course Goals and Student Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Gaining in-depth understanding cyber security issues from user's perspective.
  2. Gaining in-depth understanding user perspective in term of trust and perceived security
  3. Capable of proficiently utilizing the design guideline and regulation in designing user interfaces and data monitoring and data visualization.
  4. Capable of conducting proficiently user research in the fields of HCI/HF and cyber security

Capable of working collaboratively and productively in a multidisciplinary team


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