Amanda Stasiewicz


Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Studies &
the Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center




Ph.D. Natural Resources and Society, University of Idaho

M.S. Conservation Social Science, University of Idaho

B.S. Environmental Science, Siena College

Research Interests

  • Human dimensions of wildfire
  • Fire-adapted communities
  • Cooperative wildfire management
  • Programs and partnerships for addressing environmental and natural resource management issues
  • Qualitative and quantitative social science in natural resource management


Dr. Amanda Stasiewicz is a wildfire social scientist with the Department of Environmental Studies and with SJSU's Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center. Her research focuses broadly on the human dimensions of wildfire and wildfire policy. Dr. Stasiewicz conducts research with communities and organizations to explore how localities strive to become fire-adapted through pre-existing or novel policies or programs. Her work also focuses on wildfire evacuation planning and behavior, including how different segments of a population intend to evacuate, how they prepare for their chosen evacuation plan, and the impacts of these actions on first responders. 


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