Publications & Presentations

Wood, Andrew F.

Publications & Presentations


Academic Books

Bourdin, A., Eckardt, F., & Wood, A.F. (2014). Die ortlose stadt: Über die virtualisierung des urbanen. Bielefeld, Germany: Transcript Press.

Wood, A. (2009). City Ubiquitous: Place, Communication, and the Rise of Omnitopia. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

Wood, A, & Smith, M. (2005). Online Communication: Linking Technology, Identity, and Culture - Second Edition. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum & Associates.

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Wood, A. & Smith, M. (2001). Online Communication: Linking Technology, Identity, and Culture. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum & Associates.

Popular Press Books

Wood, A. (2004). New York's 1939-40 World's Fair. Mount Pleasant, SC: Arcadia Publishing.

Wood, A. (2004). Motel America: A State By State Tour Guide to Nostalgic Stopovers. Portland OR: Collectors Press.

Wood, A. (2003). Road Trip America: A State By State Guide to Offbeat Destinations. Portland OR: Collectors Press.

Peer Reviewed Articles

Wood, A.F. & Terry, D.P. (2016 – in press). “The only dominator and remaker of the world”: <Self reliance>, <unification>, and the rhetoric of North Korean Juche. Western Journal of Communication.

Terry, D.P. & Wood, A.F. (2015). Presenting Juche: Audiencing North Korea's 2012 Arirang Mass Games. Text and Performance Quarterly, 35(2-3), 177-201.

Wood, A.F. (2012). Regionalization and the construction of ephemeral co-location. Rhetoric Society Quarterly, 42(3), 289-296.

Wood, A. (2010). Two roads diverge: Route 66, "Route 66," and the mediation of American ruin. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 27(1), 60-76.

Todd, A.M. & Wood, A. (2006). "Flex your power": Energy crises and the shifting rhetoric of the grid. Atlantic Journal of Communication, 14(4), 211-228.

Wood, A. (2005). "What happens [in Vegas]": Performing the post-tourist flâneur in "New York" and "Paris". Text and Performance Quarterly, 25(4), 315-333.

Wood, A. (2005). "The best surprise is no surprise": Architecture, imagery, and omnitopia among American mom and pop motels. Space and Culture, 8(4), 399-415.

Wood, A. & Todd, A.M. (2005). "Are we there yet?": Searching for Springfield and the Simpsons' rhetoric of omnitopia. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 22(3), 207-222.

Wood, A. (2004). Managing the Lady Managers: The shaping of heterotopian spaces in the 1893 Chicago Exposition's Woman's Building. Southern Communication Journal, 69(4), 289-302.

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Wood, A. (2003). A rhetoric of ubiquity: Terminal space as omnitopia. Communication Theory, 13(3), 324- 344.

Wood, A. (2003). The Middletons, Futurama, and Progressland: Disciplinary technology and temporal heterotopia in two twentieth century New York world's fairs. New Jersey Journal of Communication, 11(1), 63-75.

Wood, A., & Adams, T. (1997). Making sense of the 1994 right-wing revolution in the United States: How the Christian right, the grand old political action committee (GOPAC), and talk radio unknowingly collaborated. Speaker and Gavel, 34(1-4), 51-63.

Adams, T., & Wood, A. (1996). The emerging role of the World-Wide-Web in forensics: On computer mediated research and community development. The Forensic, 81(4), 21-35.

Book Chapters

Wood, A.F. (2014). Regionalization and the construction of ephemeral co-location. J. Rice’s Regional rhetorics: Real and imagined spaces (pp. 89-96). Abingdon: UK: Routledge.

Wood, A. (2008). "Small World": Alex Proyas' Dark City as Omnitopia. J. Perlich & D. Whitt's Sith, Slayers, Stargates and Cyborgs: Modern Mythology in the New Millennium (pp. 121-142). New York: Peter Lang.

Wood, A. (2002). Re-reading Disney's celebration: Gendered topography in a heterotopian pleasure garden. L. Sanders, A. Bingaman, & R. Zorach's Embodied utopias: Gender, social change, and the modern metropolis (pp. 188-203): Routledge.

Wood, A., & Adams, T. (1998). Embracing the machine: Quilt and quilting as community-building architecture. B. Ebo's Cyberghetto or Cybertopia? - Race, Class, and Gender on the Internet (pp. 219-233): Praeger/Greenwood Press.

Book Review

Wood, A. (2003). Review of Older Adults, Health Information, and the World Wide Web. American Journal of Psychology, 116, 477-483.

Invited Biographical Essay

Wood, A. (1999). Austin Tappan Wright. American National Biography, vol. 24, (pp. 3-4): Oxford University Press.

Invited Articles

Wood, A.F. (2015). The Middleton Family at the New York World's Fair. Library of Congress National Film Preservation Board. Online:

Wood, A.F. (2010). Route 66 and the road to ruin. Communication Currents, 5(2). Online:

Wood, A. (2006, Spring) Motel moderne: Yesterday's motels of tomorrow. Society for Commercial Archeology Journal, 18-25. Reprinted as lead article in Image File: A Journal from the Curt Teich Postcard Archives, 15(1), 3-7.

Wood, A. (2006, April). East bay deco-ration. Lifescapes, 60-62.

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