Boekema, Carolus

Boekema, Carolus

Professor, Physics & Astronomy





Preferred: (408) 924-5260

Office Hours

MW 10a30; TR 9a30 & 3p30

This F09 semester I am teaching
Phys2B: and Phys71
and Phys52 Labs.

WiSEr research students & I study the cuprate superconductivity
and we recently published a new3SC7 Conference paper (Beijing 2009).


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Foreign Institution, 1977
  • PhD, University of Groningen , Netherlands, 1977


Carolus Boekema, Professor of Physics
San Jose State University (SJSU)

Professional Record and Experience:
1990 - present: Full Professor of Physics, SJSU
2007 - present: Guest Scientist, LANSCE & Los Alamos National Lab
1999 - 2004: Guest Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
1999 - 2000: Visiting Scholar, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
1986 - 1990: Associate Professor, SJSU
1983 - 1999: Guest Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory
1977 Ph.D. University of Groningen.

Professional Studies: Vortex States in High-Tc Superconductors; Wannier studies; Modeling Frustration in Condensed Matter; Spintronics; Computational modeling of Material properties; Magnetism in Solids.

Sabbatical Leave Award 2008 - 2009: SJSU
SJSU Service Recognition Awards 2006, 2004
SJSU Faculty Mentor Award of Merit 2005
Nominee, SJSU Distinguished Service Award 2003
Sabbatical Leave Award 1999 - 2000: SJSU & NHMFL
SJSU Performance Awards: 1996-97, 1997-98, 1998-99 and 1999-2000
Outstanding Professor Awards, SJSU Physics Club, 1992 and 1995
Dean's Award 1993: College of Science, SJSU
Sabbatical Leave Award 1992 - 1993: SJSU, LANL and AWU
Outstanding Advisor Award, SOLES, SJSU, 1991.

Grant Support:
NSF-REU (co-PI w/ Dr. M. Kaufman) 2006 - 2009: $350,000
NSF-REU (co-PI w/ Dr. M. Kaufman) 2001 - 2004: $340,000
Sabbatical Leave Award NHMFL 1999 - 2001: $ 46,600
SJSU Graduate Studies "WiSEr ..." 1998 - 2000: $ 1,900
NSF-REU (co-PI w/ Dr. J. Becker) 1997 - 2000: $290,000
NSF-ILI (co-PI w/ Dr. R. Bahuguna) 1997 - 1999: $ 93,500
SJSU Funds (co-PI w/ Dr. R. Bahuguna) 1996 - 1999: $ 18,700
SJSU Foundation Graduate Study 1994 - 1998: $ 2,500
SJSU Foundation WiSE@SJSU Grant 1994 - 1998: $ 2,500
NSF-REU (co-PI w/ Dr. J. Becker) 1994 - 1996: $372,000
Research Corporation 1989 - 1994: $ 37,000
AWU Summer Research 1987 - 1992: $ 41,600
Miscellaneous Grants 1984 - 1990: $ 14,400
R.A. Welch Foundation 1984 - 1985: $ 40,000

Professional Associations:
American Physical Society; APS CA Section (co-Founder); AAC&U Faculty Associate.

Advising: 87 students since 1975; 14 outstanding student awards; 3 completed PhD; 11 completed MS; 3 completed Drs (NL doctoral degree).

Publications and Presentations: 106 refereed publications, including two Phys Rev Lett, and two Phys Rev B Rapid Comm, and six invited papers;99 oral and poster contributions, including four invited talks, 48 invited seminars.
Selected and Recent Publications of Carolus Boekema:
Names in bold-face are of Sci&Eng research students.
"Magnetism in and near YBCO vortex cores and its field dependence" C. Boekema, B. Launspach, T. Imam, T. Le and J. Lee; Proc 8th Int M2S-HTSC Conf (Dresden, July 2006), Physica C460-462 (2007) 1255.
"Antiferromagnetism in and near the vortex cores of Bi2212 and Tl2223" J. Lee, K. Prudchenko, C. Boekema and E.J. Ruiz. Proc 9th Joint MMM/Intermag Conference (January 2004) J Applied Physics 95 (2004) 6906 www: Virtual J Applications of Superconductivity, June 2004, V 6 Iss 11.
"Magnetism in Superconducting Tl2223" K. Prudchenko, J. Lee, Y. Li, R. Ramaswamy and C. Boekema, HI Int Conf on Sciences (Uo Honolulu HI, Jan 2004). "Cu and Fe Valence States in CuFeS2" C. Boekema, A. Krupski, M. Varasteh, K. Parvin, F. van Til, F. van der Woude and G.A. Sawatzky. ICM2003 (Rome, July 2003) J Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 272-274 (2004) 559.
"ME-Burg mSR Study of Pr0.2Y0.8Ba2Cu3O7" H. Aslanian, M. Tun, M. Abdelrazek, S. Cavanaugh and C. Boekema. 3rd Int Conf New Superconductivity (January 2001); Physica C364-365 (2001) 582-587.
"Maximum-entropy Muon-spin-resonance of R1237 Vortex States: a d-Wave study" R. Santiago, A. Childers and C. Boekema. Phys Rev B63 (2001) 132509.
"d-Wave Symmetry in Bi2212 and Tl2223 Vortex States: a Maximum-Entropy Muon-Spin Resonance Study" R. Santiago, A.M. Krupski and C. Boekema. M2S-HTSC-VI Conf (Houston, February 2000) Physica C341-348 (2000) 1097.
"Plausible d-Wave Cuprate Superconductivity: Muon-Spin-Relaxation Studies of RBCO Vortex States" C. Boekema, E.J. Ruiz, Z.C. Pobre, S.R. Punjabi, F. Kong, O. Vera and D.W. Cooke. J Applied Physics 83 (1998) 6795.
"A mSR Study of Vortex States in RBa2Cu3O7 using Maximum-Entropy Analysis" S. Alves, C. Boekema, C. Halim, J.C. Lam, E.J. Whang, D.W. Cooke and M. Leon. Phys Rev Rapid Communications B49 12396 (1994).
"Doping and Vortex Studies of 1/2/3 Cuprates by means of mSR" (Invited) S. Alves, C. Boekema, W.K. Dawson, C. Halim, J.C. Lam, E.J. Whang andD.W. Cooke. Proc Int Workshop on Low Energy Muon Science (Santa Fe NM, April 1993) Los Alamos National Laboratory LA-12698-C (1994).

Submitted and/or in Preparation: "The field dependence of observed magnetism in and around YBa2Cu3O7 vortex cores" C Boekema, C. Teichgraeber, T. Le, H. Pham and J.C. Lee. Int Conf Low T (2008)in preparation.
"Magnetism and Superconductivity in Solids: from Molecule to Matter,” C. Boekema. Graduate Text Book, in preparation.
Updated: January 2008