Publications & Presentations

Feria, Cary

Publications & Presentations

Feria, C. S. (2013). Speed has an effect on multiple-object tracking independently of the number of close encounters between targets and distractors. Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics, 75, 53-67. download

Feria, C. S. (2012). The effects of distractors in multiple object tracking are modulated by the similarity of distractor and target features. Perception, 41, 287-304. download

Feria, C. S. (2010). Attentional prioritizations based on spatial probabilities can be maintained on multiple moving objects. Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics, 72, 926-938. download

Feria, C. S. (2008). The distribution of attention within objects in multiple-object scenes: Prioritization by spatial probabilities and a center bias. Perception and Psychophysics, 70, 1185-1196. download

Feria, C. S., Braunstein, M. L., and Andersen, G. J. (2003). Judging distance across texture discontinuities. Perception, 32, 1423-1440. download

Braunstein, M. L., Sauer, C. W., Feria, C. S., and Andersen, G. J. (2002). Perceived internal depth in rotating and translating objects. Perception, 31, 943-954.

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