NuFSP/KIN 163 - Physical Fitness and Nutrition


Use of scientific principles, scientific investigation, and current technological advances to assess the relationship between diet, physical fitness, and disease. Examine scientific literature to evaluate the effects of nutritional intervention on exercise performance. (3 units; Lecture 3 hours) Nutrition Majors: This course may not be used for "major" credit This course satisfies the Earth & Environment (Area R) category of Advanced General Education. The goals for this category include: Students will cultivate knowledge of the scientific study of the physical universe or its life forms. Students will understand and appreciate the interrelationship of science and human beings to each other. Within the particular scientific content of the course, a student should be able to: demonstrate an understanding of the methods and limits of scientific investigation; distinguish science from pseudo-science; and apply a scientific approach to answer questions about the earth and environment.

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