Publications & Presentations

Fernald, Cynthia A

Publications & Presentations

  • Cynthia A. McCune. "Journalism in the Starbucks Era" Powerpoint presentation. (October 2008).

    Abstract: How social media and the web are changing journalism. Why call it Starbucks journalism? Because we want our news the way we want our coffee … when we want it (now!), where we want it (online, mobile, in our twitter stream), and how we want it (reflecting our worldview). Keynote presentation (with co-presenter Steve Sloan) at the JACC NorCal 2008 Conference at SJSU.

  • Cynthia A. McCune. ""The Power of Framing: Pitching Science in a Mass Media Age"" Heldref Publications. Article. Vol. 18. Issue 3. Washington, DC: Heldref Publications, (July 2007). pp.19-20.

    Abstract: The role of framing in science, religion and public discourse.

  • Cynthia A. McCune. "Framing reality: Shaping the news coverage of the 1996 Tennessee debate on teaching evolution" Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.. Journal Article. Vol. 2. Issue 1. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., (February 2003). pp.5-28.

    Abstract: This study triangulated research methods to analyze how the public debate on a controversial issue was framed and by whom, as a means of understanding the process and outcome of that debate. Its findings support the idea that public debates are framed by all involved parties, not just the news media. This study also considered how the relative power position held by each side in this debate may have affected their interactions with the news media.