UNVS 16c - Statway

Time: Tu/Th Section 2: 12:00-1:15 Section 3: 1:30-2:45

Location: CL 225


Concepts and methods of statistics with an emphasis on data analysis. Topics include methods for collecting data, graphical and numerical descriptive statistics, correlation, simple linear regression, basic concepts of probability, confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for means and proportions, and chi-square tests. Completion with a C or better (C- not included) satisfies the GE Area B4 Mathematical Concepts requirement. Prerequisite: UNVS 16A with a grade of CR

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MyStatway.org is the place where you will access your free online textbook. So MyStatway is the place where you will do work and study on your own outside of class. But Piazza.com is the place where you can ask and answer questions to/for your classmates. We will use Piazza as online group study.