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Associate Professor & Undergraduate Major Advisor
Sociology & Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
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Doctor of Philosophy, Sociology, UC Los Angeles, 2013

Master of Arts, Sociology, UC Los Angeles, 2003

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, CSU Long Beach, 2000


Dr. Faustina M. DuCros earned her Ph.D. and M.A. in Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles and her B.A. in Sociology from CSU Long Beach. She was a 2020-2021 Public Voices Fellow with The OpEd Project and was a 2017-2018 Woodrow Wilson Career Enhancement Fellow.

Dr. DuCros's research and teaching interests include race and ethnicity, sociology of Black communities, internal migration and immigration, education, the sociology of Latina/o/x communities, mixed race, media representations, and qualitative methods.

Her published research has examined Great Migration-era Louisiana migrants in Los Angeles and the ways in which migration, community, and place shape their racial and ethnic identities. She is currently working on a book, tentatively titled Louisiana Creoles Out West: The Making of Black Racial and Ethnic Identities in California (part of the Louisiana Migrants in California Life History Project). The book brings together life histories conducted with three generations of Louisianans who migrated to Northern and Southern California during the Great Migration era. Louisiana Creoles Out West assembles and elevates the significant story of a longstanding Black ethnicity tied to the colonial era of the state of Louisiana and how it arrived, transformed, and persisted in California during and beyond the Great Migration. Spotlighting how regional belonging, internal migration, ancestry, and ethnicity shape communities, individuals, and identities adds to the broader understanding of how diverse Black identities are in the U.S.

Dr. DuCros was also a co-principal investigator for a study of racialized representations in prime time television and streaming media, which focused on Asian American/Pacific Islander and Middle Eastern and North African actors. 


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