Ponce, Felipe

Felipe Ponce and kids



B.A. Liberal Studies and Raza Studies

San Francisco State University

M.A. Mexican-American Studies

San Jose State University


Professor Ponce is a proud graduate of SFSU's Raza Studies and Liberal Studies programs and recieved his Master's Degree from SJSU's Mexican-American Studies program (the first MAS Master's program in the nation!). Ponce, as many scholars call him, has been teaching at his alma mater for 7 years and also teaches at a local community college. 

Professor Ponce is a proud Bay Area native, community college transfer, and first-generation college graduate. A true beliver in the Mayan philosphy of "In Lak Ech" (You are My other Me), Ponce brings his lived experiences and love for community to every classroom session. 



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