ENGR 100W Engineering Reports on the Earth and Environment

Mt. Shasta

Time: Tuesday and Thursdays 730 and 1030 am; Wednesday Environmental Speaker Series

Location: Tues and Thurs room 392 / Wednesday noon in 189 engr auditorium


To be a successful engineer, one must have strong communication skills, both in writing and in speaking.  The aim of this course is to combine two distinct areas of study: technical writing and environmental impacts.  As a result students will be better prepared for their professional careers to integrate and apply complex skills.  The goal of this course is to understand the effects of environmental factors, both natural and induced, as they relate to products, systems, and processes—while integrating technical communication skills.

The communication aspects of this course provide regular writing assignments, practice in editing, and company-focused oral presentations. Engineers in industry must document findings, share results, build support, and acquire funding.  This course will build technical writing that is direct, convincing, and accurate. As a result, students will be able to write and speak not only more effectively, but also more easily and confidently, allowing them to critically evaluate their work.

The content will focus on our earth and environment.  What is the difference between science and pseudoscience?  How is the practice of engineering grounded in and conditioned by our earth and environment?  How do the products of engineering impact our earth and environment?  How do engineers affect life forms other than humans?  What are engineers doing to improve our environment?  What careers are available in these fields?  The perspectives of professionalism and ethics are also important.

Our Wednesday Environmental Speaker Series provides the substance for many of the in-class writings and discussions.  Practicing engineers, biologists, government regulators, and life scientists from industry deliver up-to-date briefings on how engineers deal with environmental issues.  Wednesday speakers give a rare peek at how different industries and researchers are actually dealing with day-to-day environmental issues.  Industry speakers share research methodologies for environmental and career issues.