Psychology 120 - Advanced Research Methods

Mark Van Selst cooking at the 'bacon off' at Whidbey Island Race Week

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ADVANCED RESEARCH METHODS AND DESIGN Traditional laboratory experimental designs and methodology; experiments illustrating this approach (3 hours lecture / 2 hours laboratory: 4 units). Prerequisite: STAT 95 (or equivalent), PSYC 100W (or department-approved substitution).

Syllabus (older exemplar; will not correspond to current offerings)

The outline (Greensheet) that describes the likely schedule for the course as well as the grading breakdown and content to be covered.


Assignments (exemplar only)

These were the assignments that went along with the LABORATORY ("activity") portion of the ADVANCED RESEARCH METHODS course taught by Dr. Mark Van Selst over the SUMMER 2014 term.


Powerpoint (pdf form) Content

These are the .pdf versions of the powerpoint presentations that will were used for our discussion of the content of the COZBY chapters (and some additional materials). These are originally posted as the "old" versions (they correspond to a prior edition of the text). Current content (CANVAS WEBSITE) is likely different.


Online Resources



Practice Tests (and old exams)

These are practice tests and old exams from prior offerings of the course. They should give you a good idea of the style and format of the questions that I am likely to ask.