Courses at SJSU

FS 11 Survey of Forensic Science (online)

FS 100W Writing Workshop

FS 160 Special Topics in Forensic Science

FS 161 Crime Scene Investigation

FS 162 Forensic Science Applications

FS 163 Fingerprint Science

FS 164 Crime Scene and Evidence Photography

FS 165 Forensic Biometrics

FS 169 Forensic Science Senior Seminar

JS 10 Introduction to Justice Studies

JS 100W Writing Workshop

JS 182 Themis Research Journal


Courses at SFSU

CJS 323 Ethics in Criminal Justice

CJS 330 Research Methods in Criminal Justice

CJS 401 Criminal Profiling

CJS 410 Crime Scene Investigation

Coming soon: CJS 420 Introduction to Forensic Science


Courses at CCSF

ADMJ 57 Introduction to Administration of Justice

ADMJ 63 Fingerprints

ADMJ 66 Forensic Evidence

ADMJ 68 Police Report Writing

ADMJ 69 Crime Scene Documentation