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Research & Scholarly Activity

Dr. Badawy research interests span the areas of power electronic configurations and control structures for advanced applications and technologies such as: electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy systems.

Shown below are the three main research branches that Dr. Badawy is working on with undergraduate and graduate students at the CPEC:

A) Electric vehicle (EV) technologies development; 

  • This branch stems into three research points as follows:
  1. High power EVs off-board charging topologies, to reduce the EVs charging time while extending the EVs range.
  2. Design and development of EVs on-board power electronic architectures to enhance the EVs performance while increasing the storage devices lifetime.
  3. Energy optimization of autonomous vehicles connected systems.

Applications: Wireless EVs charging systems, Development of EV charging stations, EVs battery management systems, EVs DC/DC converters & DC/AC inverter systems, and energy optimization of autonomous connected transportation solutions.

B) The development of novel photovoltaic (PV) power processing technologies

  • This would lead to the following:
  1. An improved electrical grid power quality for a deep penetration level of PV sources.
  2. A higher energy capture level from the solar energy using efficient and cost-effective power electronic converters.

Applications: PV inverters, PV submodule converters, micro-inverters, and PV/battery hybrid systems.

C) The adoption of highly efficient electrical loads. 

  • This is achieved through increasing the power factor and decreasing the line harmonics of the non-linear power loads using novel power electronic configurations and control structures.

Applications: Cell-phone chargers, laptop chargers, power supplies (data centers, UPS systems, etc..) and LED drives.