ME 115 Thermal Engineering Lab

Course Administration

Fall 2019 Syllabus

Full Lab Report Guidelines -- not currently using in class

Summary Report Lab Guidelines

Recommendations Based on Common Report Errors

Summary Report Grading Form

Peer Evaluation Form

Full Report Grading Form

Quick EES tutorial

Laboratory Experiments

Temperature Measurement Methods lecture

AC Experiment: Air Conditioning Lab Writeup, R12 charts, Lecture

Gasoline Engine: Lab Procedures Theory Lecture You will need both the Lab Procedures and Theory files.

Rankine Cycle: Steam Turbine Lab WriteupData Sheet  Lecture

Finite Difference Projects: Heat Sink DamSatellite Radiator (We will use the dam one in Fall 2019.)

Hot Dog Anemometer: Hot Dog Anemometer Lab Writeup Lecture

Heat Exchanger Analysis: Heat Exchanger Lab Writeup Lecture

Piping Network:  Pipe Loss Lab Writeup

Centrifugal Pump: Centrifugal Pump Test