McKenzie, Patricia A

McKenzie, Patricia A

Lecturer AY-B, Political Science
Lecturer Political Science




  • Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Cal-Berkeley, 1976
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, CSU-San Jose, 1970
  • Master of Arts, Political Science, CSU-San Jose, 1972
  • J. D., Law, 1987

Licenses and Certificates

  • Calif State Bar Association, 1987


Dr. McKenzie (formerly, Craig), received a B. A. (with distinction) and a M. A. in Political Science at San Jose State University. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley and a J. D. from Lincoln Law School of San Jose. After graduation from Berkeley, Dr. McKenzie worked as a Senior Policy Analyst at SRI International in the Center for the Study of Social Policy where she directed major policy evaluation studies for the federal government and the State of California. After leaving SRI and receiving her law degree, Dr. McKenzie passed the Bar Examination on her first attempt and subsequently graded the California Bar Examination. Dr. McKenzie has served as an Associate in the law firm of Ropers, Majeski, Cohn & Bentley and the firm of Grunsky, Ebey, Farrar & Howell as well as serving as "house counsel" for two major insurance companies. Dr. McKenzie is an experienced trial attorney, having successfully tried personal injury, civil rights, and property damage cases. She currently serves as a Temporary Small Claims Court Judge for the Santa Clara County Superior Court. Dr. McKenzie has taught graduate seminars at U. C. Berkeley and the College of Holy Names on "The Politics of Education" and "School Finance Reform". She has also taught Constitutional Law and Advanced Legal Research and Writing classes at Lincoln Law School of San Jose.