Agarwal, Raghu

 MS and Ph.D. in Mechnical Engineering
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
BSME in Mechanical Engineering
Michigan Technological University, Houghton, ME
Raghu Agarwal is a professor and graduate program coordinator in the Mechanical Engineering Department.  
Research Interests:  Finite Element Analysis, Computer Aided Design, Machine Design
He has taught and contributed to the following courses:
Graduate Courses:
  • ME230 – Advanced Mechanical Engineering Analysis, restructured an existing course and introduced as ME230
Designed to supplement and enrich students with advanced mathematical methods in treating problems selected from various areas of mechanical engineering. Topics discussed will include Fourier series, special functions, solutions to partial differential equations and numerical methods.
  • ME265 – Computer Aided Design in Mechanical Engineering, introduced Pro/E as a laboratory component in the course
Integrated approach to CAD including: overview of CAD, numerical techniques for CAD, computer graphics and design, principles and management of design database systems, finite element analysis and CAD, design optimization, computer-aided linkage design and integrated CAD systems. Prerequisite: BSME or Instructor Consent.
  • ME260 – Advanced Strength and Stress, developed and introduced the course
Introduction to stress analysis techniques, including advanced strength of materials, energy methods and theory of elasticity. Elastic-plastic stresses, creep, fatigue, fracture mechanics, failure analysis.
  • ME273 – Finite Element Analysis, completely revised and updated.
Introduction into various finite element methods for developing stiffness equation. Truss, beam, 2-D, 3-D and axisymmetric elements. Applications and case studies.
Undergraduate Courses:
  • ME160 –  Introduction to Finite Element Analysis, developed and introduced this course
Matrix algebra, interpolation functions. Deformation and stress analysis, using truss, beam, plate and axisymmetric elements.
  • ME165 – Computer Aided Design, developed and introduced the course
Theory and application of CAD. 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional modeling, commercial CAD software. Application to finite element analysis.
  • ME130 – Applied Engineering Analysis, developed and introduced the course.
Analytic models for physical systems in mechanical engineering. Practical interpretations of analytical solutions. Introduction to linear algebra and statistics.
  • ME101 – Dynamics, developing this course into a gateway course for ME, as well as developing a workshop for ME101
Vector mechanics. Two and three dimensional motion of particles and rigid bodies. Force, energy and momentum principles.
Additionally, Dr. Agarwal is the Director of the ME Computer lab, Advisor of the Pi Tau Sigma Honor Society and has been the author/co-author of over 20 publications in referred journals, conferences proceedings and reports.