Heindl, Ranko

Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy


Preferred: ranko.heindl@sjsu.edu


Preferred: (408) 924-5259

Alternate: 408-924-5259

Office Hours

SCI-264 by appointment


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of South Florida, 2006


Dr. Ranko Heindl received his PhD in Applied Physics from the University of South Florida in 2006. Subsequently, he joined the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Boulder, Colorado as an NRC Postdoctoral Fellow. He worked at NIST Magnetics Group for over five years, before joining the SJSU Department of Physics and Astronomy in 2012. His primary domains of expertise are in the areas of magnetism, spintronics and nonvolatile memories, in particular magnetic random access memories, magnetic recording materials for hard disc drive applications, magneto-resistive sensors, and high-frequency properties of magnetic thin films. Dr. Heindl has also extensive knowledge of vacuum thin film deposition technologies, nanofabrication, thin films characterization, and device testing. He also holds professional memberships in the American Physical Society (APS), and the IEEE Magnetics Society.