Professional & Service Activity

Professional Activities/Service

Service to the Profession

  • External Program Reviewer, Department of Psychology, CSU, Long Beach, 2014
  • Western Psychological Association (WPA): Council of Representatives (2004 – 16), Annual Conference Program Review Committee (2012 – 19)
  • Reviewer/Referee for the Following Publishers and Journals:  Sage Publications, Prentice Hall Publications, Atomic Dog Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, Worth Publishers, Animal Learning & Memory, Journal of the Psychonomic Society, Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science
  • Conference Committee Member: International Conference on Education and Information Technology (2007), American Psychological Society, Biology and Behavior Meeting (1997)

Service to the University

  • Search Committees: Senior Director, Faculty Affairs, chair (2019); Associate Dean, Humanities and Arts, member (2018); Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, member (2016); Director, Silicon Valley Big Data and Cybersecurity Center, member (2015-16); Executive Director, SJSU Research Foundation, member (2014); Administrative Analyst Specialist, Center for Faculty Development, member (2012); Associate Dean, Graduate Studies & Research, chair (2010)
  • University Academic Advising Steering Committee, 2019- charge to coordinate and align undergraduate academic advising with shared outcomes, assessment and training emphasizing advising excellence and the student experience. 
  • SJSU-Braven Founder’s Committee, 2016-
  • Academic Space Planning Committee, 2016-
  • Associate Dean Council, 2016-
  • Accessible Technology Initiative Instructional Materials (ATI IM) Committee, 2016-
  • Academic Disqualification and Reinstatement Committee, 2016-
  • University Assessment Committee, Member 2006-09, 2016- ; Co-Chair 2009-10
  • University Advising Council, 2016-2019
  • Strategic Enrollment Management Planning Committee, 2019
  • Exceptional Assigned Time Committee (EATC), 2015-2016
  • Review Committee for the Associate Vice President of Student Academic Success Services, Chair, 2015-16
  • Academic Technology Faculty and Staff Advisory Committee, 2014-16
  • University Council of Chairs and Directors, 2011-16
  • WASC Steering Committee, 2012-2015
  • Academic Planning Committee, ad hoc member, 2013-14
  • Program Planning Committee, Ex officio member, 2009-10
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), Member 2001-05, Chair 2005-09
  • Resource Review (Planning) Board, 2005-08
  • Ad Hoc Committees: General Education Assessment Task Force, 2019; Classroom Technology Advisory Committee, 2018; Sponsored Program Advisory Committee for the SJSU Research Foundation Board, 2016; Academic Strategic Plan Implementation Team – Educational Excellence, 2015-16, First-Year Experience Oversight Committee, 2008, Advisory Panel for Development of Teaching & Research Server Standards, 2006

Service to the College

  • Search Committees: Academic Advisor, Chair (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019); Academic Resource Manager, member (2013), Associate Dean, member (2011)
  • Curriculum Committee, Chair, 2016-
  • Applied Research Center Advisory Committee, Chair, 2016-17
  • Assessment Committee, Chair, 2006-09, member, 2016-
  • Advising Council, Co-chair, 2016-
  • Scholarship Committee, Chair, 2016-
  • Council of Chairs, 2011-16
  • Retention, Tenure, Promotion (RTP) Committee, Full professor review only, Anthropology Department, 2013
  • Ad Hoc Committees: Space Allocation Committee (2011), Technology Task Force (2011), Web Site Advisory Committee (2002-03), Equipment Committee (2002-03), Use of the World Wide Web in Education Committee, Indiana University (1997-98)

Service to the Department

  • Faculty Recruitment Committee: Chair on six searches (2010-16); Member on five searches (2004-07)
  • Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP) Committee, 2004-07, 2008-13, 2014-2015
  • Executive Committee, 2000-04; 2006-09, 2011-16
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 2002-09, 2010-16
  • Program Planning Committee, 2002-09, 2011-16
  • Assessment Committee, Chair (2005-09), Member (2011-16)
  • Psychology Research Committee, 2000-06, 2011-16
  • Reviewer for Course Articulation, 2002-16
  • Undergraduate Major Advisor, 2002-03
  • M.A. Research and Experimental Psychology Committee, Chair (2003-09), Member (1999-2002, 2009-16)
  • Department Web Development and Administration, 1999-16
  • Spartan Psychological Association Research Conference, Faculty Adviser & Convener, 1999-2007
  • Ad Hoc Committees: Showcase for Learning, Co-Chair (2001-02), Advising in the Major (2015)

Service to Students

Masters Thesis Students:
  • Cassandra Durkee (2018), Embodied Cognition and Cognitive Engagement in Mathematical Acquisition. Co-chair
  • Kallan Christensen (2016), The Effects of Online Course Pedagogies on Learning and Cognitive Workload.
  • Katherine Casey (2013), Effectiveness of Peer Mentoring in First-Year Program Classrooms. (English Fluency Coach, Dharma Eclectic Consulting)
  • Joseph Zoland (2013), Attention Restoration Theory in Gaming as it Pertains to Subsequent Academic Learning. (Research Associate, Socratic Technologies, San Jose, CA)
  • Karen L. Gee (2011), The Impact of Generative Processing During Notetaking and Review on Higher-Order Comprehension from Lecture Material. (Tenure-track faculty, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA)
  • Patrick Cravalho (2010), Learning Statistics Using Concepts Maps:  Effects on Anxiety and Performance. (Ph.D., Kent State University, Ohio)
  • Jonathan Boyajian (2010), An Investigation into the Mechanisms that Facilitate Learning during the Preparation to Teach. (Ph.D., University of California, Merced)
  • Bonny Christopher (2010), The Influence of Binaural Auditory Beats on Vigilance Task Performance and Beta Brainwave Magnitudes. (Senior Research Associate, NASA Ames Research Center)
  • Deborah A. Hennessee (2007), Life Stress and Problem-Focused Coping as Predictors of Positive Affect. (M.S., Clinical Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, Santa Clara University)
  • Janet Pittman (2007), Impulsivity: The Relationship Between Discipline Referrals and Sexual Harassment. (DSPS Instructor, Mission College, Santa Clara, CA)
  • Stephen W. Tracy (2007), Concurrent Use of Caffeine and Cigarettes in a Population of College Students. (Health Science Specialist, Department of Veterans Affairs)
Masters Thesis Committees:
  • Megan Leonard (2018), Methodological Considerations for Unconditioned Motivating Operations.
  • Zachary A. Caddick (2016), Evaluating Contradicting and Confirming Evidence: A Study on Beliefs and Motivated Reasoning.
  • Nick Mathurst (2015), Using a self-management project to improve student performance in an online introductory statistics course.
  • Bianca Tapia (2014), Stereotype Threat, Self-Affirmation and Women’s Statistics Performance.
  • Jung Eun Lee (2013), Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Fields and the Leaky Pipeline:  The Importance of Psychological Predictors.
  • Giuliana L. Garbini (2012), Empathic Embarrassment While Viewing Romantic Rejection and General-Type Embarrassment Situations.
  • Crystine A. Serrone (2010), Mood Management and Video Game Engagement:  The Importance of User Experience and Gender in Assessing the Psychological Effects of Video Game Play.
  • Maya V. Gosul (2010), In Search of the Creative Scientific Personality.
  • Katie Stokes-Guinan (2010), Ethnic Identity as a Mediator of Ingroup Bias Among Majority and Minority Group Members.
  • Irum Abbasi (2009), The Influence of Neuroticism on Stress Perception and its Resultant Negative Affect.
  • Teresa J. Soriano (2009), Testing Two Models of Acculturation and Well-Being in Asian College Students.
  • Sarah V. Ligda (2009), Investigation of the Origins of Prospective Memory Under Various Cognitive Loads.
  • Carlos Torres (2009), An Experimental Comparison between Terror Management Theory and Coalitional Psychology Theory.
  • George Taniguchi (2009), Effects of Social Comparison on Stereotyping.
  • Melissa Daoud (2009), Stigmatization of Iraq Veterans with PTSD, Depression, or Chronic Back Pain.
  • Aline M. Kirby (2007), Manipulation of Psychological State and Trait Properties of Body Image.
  • Chelsea Morgan Contreras (2006), Impact of Parent Education on Parental Expectations of Children with Autism.
  • Anne Schmidt (2005), Remembering the Concentration Game: Chance or Memory?
  • Amy L. Lynn (2004), The Effects of Readback on a Spatial Navigation Task.
  • Dawn Langer (2004), Effects of Keyboard Experience on Productivity and Comfort. (MS, Human Factors & Ergonomics)
  • Serena M. Gee (2004), Product Culturalization. (MS, Human Factors & Ergonomics)
  • Bryan McClain (2004), Communication Patterns in Hostage Negotiations:  Development of a Behavioral Coding System.
  • La Quisha Beckum (2004), Does Salient Cueing and Self-Relevant Tasks Aide Prospective Memory Performance?
  • Lucia Arsintescu (2003), Effects of Pictorial Depth Cues on Size Perception in a Target Acquisition Task.
  • Audra J. Ruthruff (2003), Effects of Perceptual Depth Cues on Movement Time in a Target Acquisition Task.
  • Jeannie Davison (2002), Differences in Risk Perception Between Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers.
  • Hoan Nguyen (2001), Is Math Skill a Factor in Reducing Interference Effects in Arithmetic Stroop Tasks.
Undergraduate Research Assistants:
  • Jay A. Garaycochea, 2008-09 (Ph.D., Neuroscience, University at Buffalo, 2014)
  • Ginger Lasky, 2008-09 (MS, Neuroscience, University at Buffalo, 2015)
  • Cheri Nelms 2001-03 (Accepted MA, Sociology, San José State University)
  • Daphnie Chen, 2003-04 (Accepted MA, Psychology, San Diego State University)
  • Patricia Chang, 2002-03 (MS, Biology, San José State University, 2005)
  • Linda Rushing, 2002, (BA, Psychology, 2003; BS Nursing, 2006, San José State University; Masters in Public Health, UC, Berkeley, expected 2017)
  • Rebecca Gorin-Meyer, 2000-03 (MS, Behavioral Neuroscience, Oregon Health Sciences University; MSW, Social Work, Portland State University, 2008)
  • Diana Gallegos, 2001-02 (Ph.D., Neuroscience, University of Iowa, 2008) 
  • Sheila Maultsby, 2001-02 (BA, Psychology; VP at Robert Half)
  • Vicki Robinson, 2001-02 (MA, History, San José State University)
  • Pavan Randhawa, 2000-01 (BA Psychology)
  • Jaita Mullick, 2000-01 (Accepted, MS, Clinical Psychology, San José State University)
  • Jose Estrada, 2000-01 (Accepted, PsyD, Organizational Psychology, John F. Kennedy University)
  • Simone O’Neill, 2000 (Returned to Australia, works at Radford College)
Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Scholars
  • Misty Montoya, 2006-08 (Accepted MD/Ph.D. program, UC, San Francisco)
  • Victoria N. Hernandez, 2005-07 (BA, Psychology)
  • Juan C. Villaherrera, 2005-06 (BA, Psychology)
  • Quintino Mano, 2001-03 (Ph.D., Psychology University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Post-doc, UC, San Diego; Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati)
  • Manuel Lua, 2001 (MS, Clinical Psychology, San José State University)
Workshops, Clubs, and Mentoring:
  • Invited Panel Member (Fall 2005). Graduate School Preparation Workshop. College of Social Sciences, San José State University.
  • “DataBlitz” – Faculty Originator & Organizer (2002-03).  Members of our faculty briefly present their most recent findings and directions to our students and faculty in this departmental colloquium.
  • Faculty Advisor to Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology (2001 – 2003)
Community Outreach
  • “The Scientific Method and the Brain,” classroom presentations as part of K-12 outreach, 2004-09
  • Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championship, Judge, 2006
  • Careers in Psychology. Invited Panel Member, Psi Chi Chapter, Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, CA, 2005
  • Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, Judge, 2001
  • The Society for Neuroscience Committee on Neuroscience Literacy, 1999-2003