Kil, Sang Hea

Kil, Sang Heai

Faculty Advisor for Students for Justice in Palestine
Founder and Member of SJSU's Faculty for Justice in Palestine
Founder, Anti-Racism, Social Justice Transformation Committee [SJSU-CFA]
Co-Founder and Member, Palestine, Arab and Muslim Caucus of the CFA

Faculty member in Justice Studies

Links to Moderated PAM Webinars:

“On Weaponizing Anti-Semitism” with Ahlam Muhtaseb, Judith Butler, and Keith Feldman

"Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions " with Noam Perry, Dov Baum, Olivia Katbi, and Omar Zahzah.





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Office Hours

Use a gmail or email to make an appointment with the calendar link below. My office hours are 3pm-5pm on Wednesdays by phone only [415- 390-6523]. Office hours for students in my class and for students seeking advising need to use the appropriate link to sign up [see links below]. If the options available to you do not generally fall within this time range, please check the Time Zone in your calendar settings before making your appointment. I will not be able to honor your appointment if your calendar is not set to Pacific Time Zone.

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School of Justice Studies, Arizona State University, 2006

Licenses and Certificates




Winner of 2021 Outstanding Academic Title: Media and Communication, Choice (the publishing unit of the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association) for “Covering the Border War” (Lexington Press): 2022.

Top Paper Award for "Border Symptoms and Border Operations: Militarization, Criminalization and Diseased Body Politic Discourse of Late Capitalism," in Ethnic and Racial International Communication Section (Co-sponsored with Global Communication and Social Change), International Communication Association, Washington DC: 2019 

CHHS Lifetime Faculty Service Award, SJSU: 2018-2019.

Future of Minority Studies Mellon Fellow: 2005-2006.

Davis-Putter Scholar-Activist Fellow: 2003-2004.

ASU Faculty Women’s Association’s Distinguished Achievement Award: 2002-2003.

Ethnic Minority Fellow for the American Society of Criminology: 2001-2002.