Nojan, Saugher

Assistant Professor of Sociology & Asian American Studies 

Ethnic Studies Collaborative






  • AAS 1: Intro to Asian American Studies (GE Area F) 
  • AAS 33A: Asian American History & Politics (GE Area D (GE Area D2))
  • AAS 185: Multicultural Perspectives (Ethnic Studies Methodologies)



Nojan, S. 2023. Racial-Religious Decoupling in the University: Investigating Religious Students’ Perceptions of Institutional Commitment to Diversity. AERA Open, 9.

Nojan, Saugher. 2022. “Racialized hauntings: examining Afghan Americans' hyper(in) visibility amidst anti-Muslim ethnoracism." Ethnic and Racial Studies, 45(7):1347-1370.

Nojan, Saugher. 2022. “Racialized Religion and Civic Engagement: Insights into Intra-Muslims Racial Diversity on University Campuses.” Sociology of Religion, 83(1):36–59.

London, Rebecca, Ronald D. Glass, Ethan Chang, Sheeva Sabati, and Saugher Nojan. 2022. ““We Are About Life-Changing Research”: Community Partner Perspectives on the Ethics and Politics of Knowledge in Community-Engaged Research Collaborations.Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 26(1):19-36.

Nojan, Saugher. 2020. “Muslim Students Combating Institutional Inertia with Participatory Action Research” In Confronting Critical Equity and Inclusion Incidents on Campus:  Lessons Learned and Emerging Practices, Edited by Hannah Oliha-Donaldson. Routledge Press.

Nojan, Saugher. 2020. "Why Ethnic Studies? Building Critical Consciousness Among Middle School Students."Middle School Journal 51(2): 25-35. 


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Sociology (Emphasis in Critical Race & Ethnic Studies & Education), University of California-Santa Cruz
  • Master of Arts, Education, University of California-Santa Cruz
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology (summa cum laude, minor in Psychology), California State University-Sacramento


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