Wood, Shelley

Class:  NuFS 139, Hunger and Environmental Nutrition



2016     University of New England - Master's in Public Health

2012     San Jose State University - B.S. in Nutritional Science, Dietetics


I am a proud alumna of San Jose State University! I earned my B.S. degree in nutrition with a concentration in dietetics in 2012. I enjoyed my food service internship with Berryessa Union School District and my clinical internship at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. I passed my RD exam on September 6, 2013 and started working full time at Valley Medical where I have been ever since. In May 2016 I completed my Master's in Public Health through the University of New England, an online CEPH accredited graduate studies program. This was an excellent compliment to my nutrition degree as the curriculum considered an even broader picture of global health with emphasis on the political and cultural world we live in. I find epidemiology especially interesting.

My specialty is in those with disabilities, specifically spinal cord injury. I cover all areas within the inpatient setting, however, I am primarily on acute rehab, rehab ICU, and rehab outpatient units. I have been invited to speak for peer support groups in Sacramento and UC Davis Medical Center. I enjoy the benefits of offering nutrition support to those with new injuries but also keep my eye on the bigger picture of chronic disease prevention. I'm passionate about nutrition and love engaging my patients and those in the community in discussions about all things food. 

My hobbies include harvesting and eating my husband's bountiful garden produce (and sometimes helping), cooking, hiking, reading nonfiction adventure books, and hanging out with my family and friends. Good coffee (always black), fresh food, and wine are passions of mine!