Lundquist, Simone

Simone Lundquist, Ph.D.

Lecturer AY-B, Psychology




Preferred: (408) 924-5634




  • Doctor of Philosophy, California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco
  • M.A., Clinical Psychology, CSPP
  • M.S., Clinical Psychology, SJSU
  • M.A., English Literature, ATU


Dr. Simone Lundquist earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco.  Dr. Lundquist developed the Personal Agency Questionnaire (PAQ), an outcome assessment tool based on the concept of agency in Narrative Theory in 2012.  She conducted another research on this outcome measure (PAQ) with added variables of Gender, Perception of being overweight, and Fat acceptance to establish additional validity and reliability for the Personal Agency Questionnaire in 2015.  There is a link to this published research paper below.

Dr. Lundquist has gained rich experiences serving culturally diverse clientele from different walks of life, as a clinician, in community mental health agencies such as Momentum for Mental Health and the Center for Survivors of Torture.  She has provided numerous trainings, workshops, and panels addressing effective ways of helping individuals overcome the problems that negatively impacted their lives for around 30 years now.  Her successful "Voice Hearing" groups facilitated the liberation of many individuals diagnosed with psychosis from the mental health system, who are currently enjoying their independent lives.  In her private practice, Beyond Limits with Dr. Simone, she is now helping her clients re-invent themselves and be all that they want to be. 

Dr. Lundquist made her dream of serving marginalized and vulnerable members of the community a reality in January 2019, when she founded her nonprofit, Open Doors to Future Possibilities. At the Consultation Center, clients from low-income communities receive counseling for only $10 an hour. In the last three years, the dedicated counselors, trained by Dr. Lundquist, have helped hundreds of children, teenagers, young and older adults to overcome past trauma, grief, depression and anxiety and lead happier, more successful lives, with greater resilience and new perspectives.

At the Academy of Contemporary Narrative Therapy at Open Doors to Future Possibilities, the students are provided with thorough, comprehensive and hands-on trainings that are designed to provide the students with solid, core consultation skills so that they can achieve superlative results in assisting clients live happier, more meaningful lives. These trainings are grounded in social constructionist worldview, and post-structural and post-modern theories such as Narrative and Feminism that are not likely to be taught in conventional academic settings.

At Open Doors to Future Possibilities’ Veterans Program, counselors, tutors and staff help Veterans process war trauma, overcome stress, loss, depression, anxiety and anger so they can experience a smooth transition back into civilian life. At the Veterans Program, staff and volunteers have served 1500 Veterans and families in transitional housing, and distributed 6000 boxes of food and 1000 pairs of shoes and socks. In the last 15 months, over 40 Veterans have been able to access education, achieve employment and have successfully transitioned to civilian life, rebuilding relationships and moving towards their professional goals.

Through the Homeless Outreach Program at Open Doors to Future Possibilities staff and volunteers have provided local unhoused community members with food, shoes, socks, clothes, and other much needed supplies, as well as access to counseling services and opportunities to apply for educational and employment opportunities. This program has served over 12,000 unhoused neighbors with food, clothes, and resources.

Currently, Dr. Lundquist maintains an active line of research investigating the damaging impacts of the dominant cultural discourses on the lives of individuals and their sense of personal agency. 


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