Publications & Presentations

Eckstone, Stephen D

Publications & Presentations

  • Stephen Eckstone. "Generation Y" (2005).

    Abstract: Nicknamed Generation Y, they are the biggest thing to hit the American scene since the 72 million baby boomers. Their huge numbers are beginning to profoundly influence markets, attitudes and society. How is corporate America adapting to the changes and what are the lessons for colleges and universities?

  • Stephen Eckstone, Ph.D.. "Radio, Television and Internet Advertising: How to Take Advantage of the Technological Changes That Are Pushing Traditional Media Strategies out the Window" (November 2007).

    Abstract: This paper examines the emerging media technologies and identifies strategies to enhance college marketing, including: How the new media is changing the ways we reach young adults and teens; how video on the Net can become an important and cost-effective medium, and how to effectively leverage a tiny advertising budget.