Bio 66: Human Physiology

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Course Description:

Explanation of physiological principles from the molecular and cellular-levels to organ systems. Neural and endocrine controls and integration among systems. Health care orientation.  Students must attend two lectures, one laboratory, and one seminar each week. 

Course Goals and Learning Objectives:

The goal of this course is to learn the physiological principles of the human organ systems.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

CLO 1 Learn the language and concepts of physiology with emphasis placed on systems physiology (Lecture Exams 1-3, Lab Exams 1-3).

CLO 2 Demonstrate an understanding of cell physiology, neurophysiology, and cell signaling (Lecture Exam 1, Lab Exam 1)

CLO3 Demonstrate an understanding of sensory, muscle and endocrine physiology (Lecture Exam 2, Lab Exam 2 & 4)

CLO4 Demonstrate an understanding of cardiovascular, respiratory and renal physiology (Lecture Exam 3, Lab Exam 3)

CLO5 Demonstrate an understanding of gastrointestinal and reproductive physiology, metabolism and energy balance (Lecture Exam 3, Lab Exam 3)

CLO6 Demonstrate the relevance of each physiological system to overall systems physiology (Final Exam, Lab Exams 1-3).