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Sulekha Anand

Department of Biological Sciences




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Ph.D. University of California, Santa Cruz, 1994

B.S.   Santa Clara University, 1990


Sulekha Anand's areas of expertise include experimental design, biostatistics, neuroscience, human physiology, scientific writing, and academic assessment.  She teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses at SJSU and serves as a research and statistical consultant for faculty and their graduate students.  She is a member of the research teams in Life Sciences at NASA-Ames Research Center.  

Dr. Anand has conducted laboratory research on primate visual-vestibular physiology at NASA-Ames Research Center, and on the neurophysiology of human eye movements and vision at both UC Santa Cruz and SJSU.  She ran experiments on human visuomotor physiology and visual neuroscience during her postdoctoral research fellowship in the department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine and the California Institute for Medical Research.  Following the fellowship, Dr. Anand was a research scientist at a biomedical company, and then started teaching at SJSU in 1997.  She is currently a collaborator on rodent research in the Life Sciences Division at NASA-Ames Research Center. 


Department of Biological Sciences

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