Pendyala, Vishnu

Vishnu S. Pendyala, PhD


Preferred: vishnu (dot) pendyala (at) sjsu (dot) edu


PhD, MS, BS in Computer Engineering, MBA in Finance


IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Contributor (One of the 22 in the Class of 2022)

ACM Distinguished Speaker (2019 - 2022)

Senator, SJSU Academic Senate (2023 - date)

Chair (2022 - date), Vice Chair (2019), Secretary (2021), IEEE Computer Society, SCV Chapter

Board of Directors, Silicon Valley Engineering Council (July 2018 - November 2019)

Executive Council Member, SIGBDA, Computer Society of India (May 2016 - Current)


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  1. Machine Learning for Societal Improvement, Modernization, and Progress
  2. Veracity of Big Data: Machine Learning and Other Approaches to Verifying Truthfulness
  3. Tools and Techniques for Software Development in Large Organizations: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  4. Intelligent Computing and Communication: Proceedings of 6th ICICC 2022 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 1447)


  1. Artificial intelligence can take the politics out of policymaking. Fulcrum, Apple News, and others.
  2. Toward an AI-Driven Democracy. Newsweek, Apple News+, Microsoft Network, Qoshe, and others
  3. The Rapid Pace of Innovation Calls for a Drastic Revamp of the National Science Foundation.Epoch Times, California Insider.
  4. Want a 4-day workweek? Invest in AI. Fast Company. Fast Company, Apple News, and others.
  5. It is time to leave ‘caste’ behind. Indica News
  6. Should the US Constitution Be Amended to Limit Borrowing From the Future? The Epoch Times, California Insider. Translated into Chinese as “Famous column”.

Select Speaking Engagements

  1. Navigating the Ethical Horizon: A Journey into Responsible AI (2024, 12 January). In-person talk at KREA University, Sri City, India.  


  2. Importance of Mathematics and Computing for All Round Development of our Nation (2024, 5 January). Panel discussion as part of the 10th International Conference On Mathematics And Computing ICMC 2024. In-person at Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, India.  


  3. Responsible AI Is Everyone’s Responsibility! (2024, 4 January). Keynote address at 10th International Conference On Mathematics And Computing ICMC 2024. In-person at Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, India.  ; 


  4. Exploring the Frontiers of AI/ML: Practical Trends and Real-World Implications (2024, 03 January). In-person at Kalasalingam University (Ranked 29th in the Indian Government’s list of universities), Krishnankoil, Tamil Nadu, India.


  5. The Social Predicament of Artificial Intelligence  (2023, 22 December). Plenary speech at International Conference on Advances in Computational Intelligence and Informatics ICACII 2023. In-person at Anurag University,  Hyderabad, India,  


  6. Harmony in Progress: When Artificial Intelligence Meets Social Sustainability (2023, 15 December). Keynote address at International Conference on Data Science, Machine Learning and Applications: ICDSMLA 2023. In-person at G.Narayanamma Institute of Technology & Science (GNITS), Hyderabad, India.  

  7. Panel Discussion on Navigating privacy and hallucination concerns around Generative AI with Chinmay Nerurkar, Microsoft, Lakshmanan Sethu, Google, Ruchi Agarwal, Netflix (2023, 21 November). IEEE Computer Society, Santa Clara Valley Chapter, 
  8. Machine Learning Applications and Sustainable Development (2023, 6 November). University of Bolton, UK, November to Remember Webinar series. 
  9. Societal Implications of Artificial Intelligence and the path forward (2023, 3 November). Keynote address at International Conference on Big Data, Computational Intelligence and Applications (BDCIA2023, Huanggang, China, Virtually presented.
  10. IEEE Day Panel Discussion on Ethical AI: Shaping the Future Responsibly (2023, 3 October). With Dr. Katharina Koerner, Tech Diplomacy Network, USA, Dr. Ruchi Dass, Managing Director, HealthCursor, UK, Chinmay Nerurkar, Principal Engineer, Microsoft, and moderated by Meenakshi Jindal, Netflix, Los Gatos, USA. 
  11. A Lens on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Aspects of Artificial Intelligence (2023, 26 September). College of Professional and Global Education Webinar series.  ;  Slides:  
  12. Slowly changing dimensions and fast changing facts – the story of the  traditional data warehouse (2023, 15 August) an IEEE Computer Society, Santa Clara Valley Chapter webinar.  Slides:  
  13. [T6]     Machine Learning for Lie Detection (2023,  11 August) Webinar for Sharad Institute Of Technology College Of Engineering, Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra, India. Attended by over 100 students and faculty.
  14. [T7]     International Conference on Applied Data Science (ICADS ’23), organized by IEEE Computer Society, Santa Clara Valley Chapter, Panel Discussion, “Should AI development really take a pause?” with Prof. Patrikakis Charalampos, University of West Attica, Greece, Manish Mradul, Director, Palo Alto Networks, and others (2023, 25 July). 
  15. [T8]     Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) Global Webinar (virtual), “Effectively Teaching AI/ML to Diverse Student Populations” (2023, 21 July), attended by 60+ professors mostly from India and Europe. Recording: Slides: 
  16. [T9]     IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IEEE CAI ’23) Panel Discussion, “Evolving landscape of Responsible AI,” with Mrinal Karvir and Ned Hayes (2023, 5 June).  
  17. [T10]   Peralta Equity Conference, “Anti-Oppressive Pedagogy Initiative: A Case Study,” presented along with Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran, (2023, 26 April).;   Slides: 
  18. [T11]   ICCECE 2023 Keynote, “Towards a fair and unbiased application of machine learning models for social good” IEEE International Conference on Computer, Electrical & Communication Engineering (2023, 21 January). Other keynote speakers at the conference include Prof. Amit Lal, Cornell University, Prof. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay, IEEE Fellow, Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao, IEEE Fellow, Prof. Dan Schonfeld, University of Illinois, Prof. Muriel Médard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
  19. [T12]   Osmania University Global Alumni Meet 2023, Invited Talk, “Ethical Aspects of AI/ML” (2023, 04 January)
  20. [T13]       ICMACC 2022 Keynote, “Deep Learning Similarities: Techniques, Applications, and Future Directions” IEEE International Conference on Recent Trends in Microelectronics, Automation, Computing and Communication Systems, (2022, 28 December). Other keynote speakers include Prof. Keshab K. Parhi, University of Minnesota, and Prof. Alex James, Griffith University. Slides:  
  21. [T14]  IACC 2022 Plenary Session, “Advances in Processing Time-series Data” Springer 12th International Advanced Computing Conference, H-Index: 25, Acceptance rate: 19.5%, Scopus indexed (2022, 16th December). Other speakers include Dr. Jaume Anguera, IEEE Fellow, Dr Marta R. Jabłońska, University of Lodz, Poland.
  22. [T15]   ISAIC 2022 Invited Talk, “Emerging Trends in Learning from Sequential Data”  Scopus indexed (2022, 11th December). Other speakers include multiple IEEE Fellows and professors from Japan, UK, Italy, and other countries.
  23. [T16]   RSCA in Five, Faculty Short Talks on Community Engaged Research, Scholarship, and Creative activity, “Discovering similarities and dissimilarities using deep learning”  (2022, 14th October)
  24. [T17]   Centre for Applied Computer Science, The University of Bolton, “November to Remember” series of invited guest lectures: “Machine Learning for Societal Improvement, Modernization, and Progress” (2022, 14 November) 
  25. [T18]   ICACCE-2022 (IEEE) Keynote: Opportunities and Challenges in Machine Learning (2022, 17 October) 
  26. [T19]   Exploring the Math in Support Vector Machines (2022, 04 October) IEEE Day Technical Talk hosted by IEEE Computer Society, Silicon Valley chapter Slides: 
  27. [T20]   IEEE GHTC 2022 Plenary: Minimizing the Ecological Footprint using Machine Learning (2022, 10 September) [IEEE’s signature conference on Humanitarian Technologies] Slides: 
  28. [T21]   Machine Learning for Misinformation Containment: A Candid Assessment of the State of the Art (2022, 13 August) invited talk delivered as part of the 23rd New Frontiers in Computing conference organized by the Santa Clara Valley chapters of IEEE Computer Society and North America Taiwanese Engineering & Science Association (NATEA) 
  29. [T22]   ICADS '22 Talk: Deep Learning for Melodic Frameworks (2022, 12 July) in the half-day seminar organized by the IEEE Computer Society, Silicon Valley chapter  Slides: 
  30. [T23]   Machine Learning, the mortar of modernization (2022, 14 June) delivered at the Open-house of IEEE Computer Society, Silicon Valley chapter Slides: 
  31. [T24]   Meta-algorithms in Machine Learning (2022, 31 May) an IEEE Computer Society, Silicon Valley chapter webinar Slides: 
  32. [T25]   Two-hour Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Artificial Emotional Intelligence with Prof. Björn W. Schuller. (2022, 22 March), IEEE Computer Society, Santa Clara Valley Chapter, 
  33. [T26]   One-hour Session (2022, 12 March). Machine Learning through Analogies, SJSU “Classes without Quizzes.” 
  34. [T27]   One-and-half-hour Invited Talk (2022, 7 March). Applied Machine Learning for Social Advancement, International Seminar on Artificial Intelligence and Applications-2022, organized by Interdisciplinary Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Department of Computer Engineering, Aligarh Muslim University, India.
  35. [T28]   One-and-half-hour Panel Discussion (2022, 25 February). Work-life balance in Grad School, SJSU Affinity Mentoring for Academic Success (AMAS) Program. 
  36. [T29]   Keynote (2022, 11 January). Emerging Trends, Issues and Challenges in Machine Learning and Big Data, AICTE (Government of India) and ISTE sponsored induction / refresher online program for faculty, organized by University of Engineering and Management, Jaipur, India (60+ professors of various ranks from all over the country in attendance). 
  37. [T30]   Plenary talk (2021, 19 December). In Springer’s 11th International Advanced Computing Conference (IACC ‘21), Malta. (In the world’s top 1% conferences; H5-Index 412 and overall H-Index 32; indexed in ISI, Scopus, DBLP, Compendex, SJR, Google Scholar etc.). 
  38. [T31]   Invited talk (2021, 11 December). In International Conference on Soft Computing (icSoftComp2021), India. Scopus indexed proceedings published by Springer CCIS. 
  39. [T32]   Invited talk (2021, 5 December), In International Symposium on Automation, Information and Computing (ISAIC 2021), Organized by Jiaotong University, Beijing. Invited speakers include Prof. Radu Grosu of the Liquid Neural Networks fame 
  40. [T33]   Three-hour Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Advances in Machine Learning with Prof. Pedro Domingos (2021, 9 November), IEEE Computer Society, Santa Clara Valley Chapter, 
  41. [T34]   Guest Lecture (2021, July) to ACM Chapter at UTEC - Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología, Lima, Peru 
  42. [T35]   Guest Lecture (2021, May) to ACM Chapter at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India and 
  43. [T36]   Keynote Address. Pendyala V.S., (2021, April). In International Conference on AI/ML in Management practices and Business operations: A future perspective, organized by Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies (RDIAS), Delhi, India 
  44. [T37]   The Pandemic of Falsity on Online Social Networks and Plausible Cures from Machine Learning, International Symposium on Automation, Information and Computing (ISAIC 2020), 2nd – 4th December 2020, Organized by Jiaotong University, Beijing. Slides: 
  45. [T38]   The Other Pandemic and the Role of Machine Learning in its Spread and Containment, International Conference on Soft Computing and its Engineering Applications (icSoftComp2020), December 11-12, 2020 
  46. [T39]   Machine Learning for Veracity of Big Data, ACM Webinar organized by VR Siddhartha Engineering College (2020, July 3rd) 
  47. [T40]   Keynote Address. Pendyala V.S., (2020, January). In International Conference on Computer, Electrical & Communication Engineering (IEEE Conference ID 48148) 
  48. [T41]       Machine Learning for Veracity of Big Data. Guest Lecture jointly sponsored by the Santa Clara Valley Chapters of IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, Computer Society, Solid State Circuits Society (SSCS), and Circuits and Systems Society at SJSU’s 2nd annual Computer, Software, and Electrical Engineering Technology Showcase 
  49. [T42]   Machine Learning and other Approaches to the truthfulness of information on Online Social Networks, IEEE ANTS 2018 December 16, 2018. Half-a-day Tutorial to ~60 attendees of the IEEE ComSoc's flagship conference. 
  50. [T43]   Delivered seminars on Software Engineering and DevOps tools and techniques to delegates from S. Korea, every summer for five years (2014 – 2018) through SJSU.
  51. [T44]   Designed and taught a one-week course approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India in November 2017 on “Big Data Analytics for Humanitarian Causes” at Hyderabad, India to research scholars, most of them, professors (various ranks) of Computer Science including those from New Delhi in the north and Chennai in the south. 
  52. [T45]   Keynote Address. Pendyala, V. S., (2017, December). Addressing Uncertainty on the Web. In International Conference on Intelligent Communication and Computational Techniques. IEEE. 
  53. [T46]   Invited Talk. Pendyala, V. S., (2017, December). In Pursuit of Truth on the Web: Soft Computing for Truth Finding. In International Conference on Soft Computing and its Engineering Applications. IEEE. 
  54. [T47]   Keynote Address. Pendyala, V. S., (2016, December). Math Never Lies: Machine Learning for Fact Finding. In International Conference on Information Technology. IEEE. 
  55. [T48]   Keynote Address: Pendyala, V. S., (2016, December). Quantifying Truth in Big Data: Mathematical Approaches. In International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Computers and Optimization Techniques. IEEE. 
  56. [T49]   Keynote Address. (2015, December). Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing for Humanitarian Causes. BDACCOU ’15 organized by Computer Society of India (SIG Big Data) and Osmania University
  57. [T50]   Invited Talk: Pendyala, V. (2014, December). Machine Augmented Healthcare for All. In International Conference on Computing & Communication Technologies. Co-sponsored by IEEE Hyderabad Chapter and Computer Society of India, Hyderabad Chapter. [Video Recording: 
  58. [T51]   Invited Talk: Pendyala, V. (2017, December). "Mining for Medical Expertise" to the Hyderabad Section of IEEE. 
  59. [T52]   Invited Talk: Pendyala, V. (2016, December). "Tools and Techniques for Trusting the Web" to the Student Branch of Computer Society of India at CVR College of Engineering, Hyderabad. Video Recording: 
  60. [T53]   Invited Talk: Pendyala, V. (2017, January). "Evolving a Truthful World Wide Web" to the Hyderabad Chapter of Computer Society of India. 
  61. [T54]   Invited Talk at San Jose State University through the MESA Engineering Program, on 4/12/16: "The Big Data phenomenon and its 4th V”. 
  62. [T55]   Technical Talk to IEEE Hyderabad Section on 1/8/16: "The Pandemic of Falsity on the World Wide Web and Plausible Cures from Machine Learning and Knowledge Representation Perspectives”  -> under Activities/Events.
  63. [T56]   Technical Talk to Electronics Corporation of India Limited (audience comprised of five nominated employees from each Business Unit) on 1/4/16: “Veracity on the World Wide Web”.
  64. [T57]   Guest Lecture at IIIT, Hyderabad on 1/9/16: "A Truthful World Wide Web for effective E-Governance”.
  65. [T58]   Brainstorming Session: Pendyala, V. (2015, October). Detecting Lies on the Web. Data Science Camp. ACM. SF Bay Area Chapter.  
  66. [T59]   Guest Lecture: Pendyala, V. (2015, January). Opportunities and Challenges in e-Governance: mHealth Case Study. Indian Institute of Information Technology, IIIT, Hyderabad. [Slides: ]
  67. [T60]   Brainstorming Session: Pendyala, V. (2014, October). Data Science for Healthcare. Data Science Camp. ACM. SF Bay Area Chapter. 
  68. [T61]   The Truth behind the Tweets, SJSU Alumni Association’s “Classes without Quizzes”, and Cupertino Community Hall, February 16, 2019. 
  69. [T62]   Presented at DevOps World 2018, IBM, Rational, and Perforce user conferences.
  70. [T63]   Several presentations in international conferences highlighted in the listed in the publications, and multiple internal conferences within Cisco.