Application Process

Important Deadlines

Summer 2017

Spring and Winter 2018 


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Getting Started

  • Read about the different Faculty-Led Programs (FLPs) and see which program is of interest to you.
  • Visit our Facebook page to find out about upcoming information sessions and see what students are saying about the programs they participated in the past summer.
  • Attend an information session to learn more about the program.

DACA Students: Please set up an advising appointment with GEI prior to to submitting your application. You can send an email to or call 408-924-2684/408-924-2613 to set up an appointment. Please note all advising appointments remain confidential.

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  • Make sure you know what the requirements are for the program you're interested in before applying. For example: Do you need to take the WST? Be in a specific major? Have a certain GPA? All course prerequisites must be completed prior to the course registration dates, which often occur months before the program travel dates.
  • See your academic advisor to see how the FLP fits in with your path to graduation.
  • Review our Frequently Asked Questions section before you apply.
  • Complete the online application before the deadline. Send an email to if you have any questions about the application process. Remember to include your full name in the email.  

You will need the following information ready when filling out the application:

  • Passport: If you currently do not have a passport or you are in the process of renewing/applying for a passport, you can still complete the application. You will need to upload a holding document in order to move on to the next section of the application.
  • GPA 


  • Go to your program's web page. You should see an APPLY HERE! link on the program's page. Click on the link to be routed to the next page.
  • Click on the "Apply Now" button for the program you want to apply to. Each program has a separate application, so make sure you are on the correct program page. 
  • Log into the Terra Dotta system using your SJSU ID number and your password.
    • If you do not have an SJSU ID number, choose "I do not have login credentials to this site." This will take you to the next page where you can create an account. 
  • Create and complete the profile as a first-time user in Terra Dotta. Once your profile is completed, you will be routed to your applicant home page. 
    • Passport: The system requires you to upload a copy of your passport (the passport page with your picture and information). If you currently do not have a valid passport, you can upload a document in place of the copy of passport in order to move on to the next section of the profile. When you have a valid passport, you will need to log back into your profile and upload the copy of your passport.  
  • Click on the FLP program link under the Applications box. This will take you to the Program Application Page that will contain application instructions and documents you need to complete and submit. 
  • Read the instructions carefully. 
  • Click on the questionnaire link under the Application Questionnaires box. Complete the questionnaire. Take your time to compose thoughtful and complete answers to the short-answer questions. If you would like to save your responses and come back to them later, you can click on the "Save" button. Once you hit the "Submit" button, your responses for the questionnaire will be submitted, and you will no longer be able to change your responses. Your responses to the questions will be reviewed by your program leaders as part of the acceptance process. Applications will not be considered for review until the questionnaire is completed. 
  • Once all application requirements have been completed, click on the 'Submit Application' button at the top of the Program Application Page. If you attempt to submit your application before it is complete, you will receive a warning message. Once successfully submitted, a date and time stamp will appear for confirmation on your application. 
  • For FLP applicants, you are not required to attend a GEI General Information Session as part of your application. 
  • Check your email and account frequently for possible messages from GEI and your program leaders. 

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Being Accepted

The program leader will review your application and determine your eligibility for the program. If your application to the program is accepted, you will receive an official acceptance letter from the Global Education and Initiatives Office. The official acceptance letter will provide instructions on the next steps of the process, including information on how to pay and register for classes, orientation, and other details to get you ready for your program.

Commitment to Participate Form

Upon acceptance, you are required to complete the Commitment to Participate Form to secure your spot in the program.

To complete the Commitment to Participate Form:

  • Log back into Terra Dotta
  • Click on the program link under your Applications box
  • Look for the Materials box and click on the Commitment to Participate Form link
  • Read the terms and conditions of the Commitment to Participate Form carefully. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

FLP Policies

For the safety of all people involved, participants are required to abide by certain FLP rules and regulations. Visit the Student Policies page for detailed information.

Waitlisted Students

Accepted students will have a certain period of time to commit to their program and pay their non-refundable deposit. If they choose to withdraw their application, or do not complete the required steps, their spot in the program will open back up. At that point, program leaders will choose students from their waitlist. If you are waitlisted, check you email for messages about possible openings in the program. 

Travel Documents

Once your application is accepted to the program, you can begin preparing your travel documents. Travel documents can take a few weeks or up to a few months to be processed so begin the process as soon as possible. Please note it is your responsibility to make sure your travel documents are in order prior to departure. 

The following documents are required: 

  • Valid passport: Some airlines and countries require that your passport be valid for at least six months past the date of your return to the U.S. For information on how to apply for or renew your U.S. passport, visit the U.S. Department of State website ( 
  • Visas (may not be required): This will depend on the destination/country of your program. 

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Making the Prepayment

Once accepted, students are required to put down a $500 non-refundable prepayment to confirm their participation. Your prepayment will be applied toward your program cost.

There are three ways to make your prepayment. Please do not make the prepayment until you receive the official acceptance letter with the instruction.

  1. Online through MySJSU. See instruction (pdf)
  2. In-person at the Bursar's Office by cash or check. Make sure to let the cashier know that you are making your deposit for a Faculty-Led Program (FLP).
  3. Send your check to the Bursar's Office. If paying by check, make the check payable to SJSU. In the memo section of your check, write "Faculty-Led Program", "Spring 2017" or "Summer 2017", and your SJSU ID number.

San José State University
Bursar’s Office-Cashiering
One Washington Square SSC
San José, CA 95192-0138

Outstanding Balance: If you have any outstanding balance on your account at the time you make the prepayment, your prepayment will go to cover the outstanding balance and will not be counted toward your Faculty-Led Program costs. In order to hold your spot in the FLP, there is a $500 non-refundable prepayment.

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Registering for Your FLP course

You will receive an email notifying you when your FLP course registration is open. You will have a window of time, from the date of the notice to the stated deadline, to register for your FLP course online through your MySJSU account.

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Full Program Payment

If you have paid the prepayment of $500 and there is no outstanding balance, the amount should have been applied toward the program cost so you should see the amount owed less $500 in your MySJSU account.

Once you register for the course, allow the system about 1 to 3 hours to refresh and calculate the amount you should owe. Check the Finances section of your Student Center homepage to see the amount owed. If you see any discrepancy, please contact our office at immediately before making any payment.

Program Withdrawal

Visit Program Withdrawal page for more information about withdrawing from a FLP.

FLP Refund Schedule

Refund Time Frame Refund Amount
60+ days prior to program class start date

100% refund of Program Fee and Tuition Fee

Minus $200 Administration Fee

60 to 31 days prior to program class start date

50% Program Fee and 100% of Tuition Fee

Minus $200 Administration Fee

30 days prior to program class start date

0% Program Fee and 100% of Tuition Fee

Minus $200 Administration Fee

After program class start date*

No Refund


* Program start date and program fee vary by program.

Faculty-Led Program courses may be canceled if enrollment is insufficient to provide appropriate instruction or if contracts with providers are incomplete before the start of the course registration. If a course is canceled, tuition fees will be refunded. However, SJSU is not responsible for refunding any personal expenses (e.g. flights, spending money, etc.) if the program is canceled for any reason. Airfares and other individual expenses are the responsibility of the student.

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Preparing for Your Departure

Pre-Departure Orientation

All participants are required to attend the GEI pre-departure orientation that will cover basic cultural, health, and safety information for going abroad. This will be in addition to any pre-departure orientation or meetings your program leader will host prior to your departure.

 Summer 2017 FLP Pre-Departure Orientation Slideshow 

(This is a copy of the presentation used in the FLP Pre-Departure Orientation. We have included it here so you can have access to the important links and websites we mentioned during orientation.)

Health Insurance

You will have health insurance coverage (through Wells Fargo Insurance Services) for the program dates you are abroad. GEI will arrange the purchase of your insurance.

This is health insurance which covers illnesses, medical emergencies, etc. when you are abroad. It is not travel insurance which covers lost luggage, cancelled flights, etc. 

Wells Fargo Insurance Services will send you an email that will provide insurance enrollment confirmation, your ID card, and your insurance brochure. Before you depart for your program, make sure to print out a copy of your insurance ID card and carry it with you while you are abroad. You should also review the insurance brochure to understand what coverage you will have.

If you are planning to travel before or after your program, you will need to arrange additional insurance coverage on your own.