Great Britain: British Sports, Culture, and Recreation

Great Britain: British Sports, Culture, and Recreation


June 21 - July 13

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain, has given birth to a range of major international sports including association football, rugby, darts, cricket, golf, tennis, table tennis, badminton, squash, boxing, snooker, billiards and curling. Much of the United States (US) sports system came from the UK originally but has undergone significant change to suit the requirements of a new country; in return, many of the recent changes to UK sport have come about through the influence from the US.

This FLP will be housed in tents (part of learning about hiking/backpacking) in three locations: 1) Trearddur Bay, Anglesey, Wales; 2) Keswick, Cumbria, England; 3) Loch Ness area, Scotland. A center of kayaking in the UK is in Anglesey in North Wales, where our program will begin, using rented sea kayaks and/or sit-on-tops. The three places we will stay are each in turn close to the highest mountain in Wales, England and Scotland, and we will hike in each of these areas. As we travel from location to location, we will stop at a variety of places, each with their own sporting traditions.

Many writers have commented that to understand another country, one must attempt to comprehend their sporting culture. The goal of KIN 111 is to critically examine "human expression through sport, games, and movement in cultures outside the US, and how those expressions have changed over time. Exploration of how sporting traditions in cultures outside the US have influenced US culture and society". In addition, two of the most popular current sports/recreations largely developed in the UK are kayaking and hiking, each of which students will pursue. En route to each location, we will visit places associated with the sporting culture of the UK, such as attending a cricket match, visiting an English Premier League (soccer!) team ground, plus some of the attractions of modern Britain, such as an underground trampoline venue, etc. Students will read UK newspapers (both current affairs and sports) and compare and contrast for content/coverage with articles in the US; this will form the basis for discussion to examine the cultural influences in both countries.

*Please note that the equipment used on the program has a capacity of 230 lbs. Students who do not meet the requirements dictated by the equipment can and are encouraged to apply for the program as alternative activities will be provided.


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