Course Detail

KIN 10A Beginning Kayaking (1 unit) (required)

The course imparts basic skills and safety knowledge for those with little to no experience of flat water kayaking. The emphasis will be on safe operation at all times, identifying local (and international) access points for kayaking, and building fitness. 

Prerequisites (test in indoor pool - date to be determined) for KIN 10A

1. Swim 100 yards without stopping (any "style"!)
2. Stay above water for 5 minutes (any unaided method)
3. Exit from an overturned kayak and re-enter using paddlefloat


KIN 063A Beginning Hiking and Backpacking (1 unit) (required)

This course is designed to impart skills such as topographical map reading, navigation and hiking in front country and back country. The emphasis will be on logistics and operations of adventure excursions and fitness in various wilderness environments. There will be class meetings, hiking excursions as well as one overnight backpacking excursion.

KIN 180 Independent Study (1 unit) (optional)

Individual work on special topics by arrangement.


KIN 70 or instructor consent; Kinesiology major or minor; minimum GPA 2.5 and intern. manager consent.

KIN 111 Sport & Movement in a Global Context (GE Area V) (3 units) (optional)

This course critically examines the production, participation, and consumption of sport and human movement in a global context, specifically the U.K. Particular focus will be placed on the systematic comparisons of the ideas, values, images, cultural artifacts, economic structures, technological developments, and/or attitudes embedded in global sport. In addition, attention will be placed on the historical context to better understand sport and human movement traditions outside the U.S. and how they have influenced American culture.

An important goal of the course is to facilitate a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural nuances expressed in sport, games, and human movement, as well as how those nuances are linked to larger cultural values and attitudes. A secondary aim of the course is to help students understand how sport, games, and human movement act as a vehicle to transmit cultural norms. Moreover, the course will examine how dominant ideologies are often perpetuated and, perhaps, resisted in and through a variety of sport forms.

Prerequisites for KIN 111    

Passage of the Writing Skills Test (WST) or ENGL/LLD 100A with a C or better (C- not accepted); 100W is strongly recommended as a prerequisite or corequisite to all Culture, Civilization, and Global Understanding courses; upper division standing (60 units); completion of CORE GE.