Finland: Eternal Sun and Creative Fun

Finland: Interprofessional Collaboration in Health Sciences


May 28 - June 8

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Monday, Oct. 9
HB 403

Thursday, Oct.12
HB 403

Wednesday, Nov.1
HB 403

Wednesday, Nov.15
HB 403

Tuesday, Nov.21
HB 403

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At JAMK University in Jyväskylä, Finland, students attend classes with other health major students from around the world. The first week of coursework is "Creative and Physical Activities in Mental Health Promotion​: ​Hands-on learning in multiprofessional teams"​. ​Through this course, students will:

  • understand the meaning of mental health promotion, and the meaning of health based choices through different stages of life
  • use activity based methods as inspiring tools for supporting mental health of clients in different stages of life
  • utilize methods through personal involvement and experiences to motivate clients towards enhancing physical activity and wellbeing.

Participants will be able to select the topic area they will experience while in Finland. Decisions regarding which area the participant selects will be collected by the program leaders in the Spring semester. For additional information on the focus areas, please contact the program leaders directly.

Week 1: Sexual health promotion OR Nature and Well-being
Week 2: Digital expertise in social and health care OR Empowering creativity

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