Student Testimonials


The Faculty-Led Program to Malta is being offered again in 2017. Here are some thoughts that previous participants wanted to share about going on this FLP.


 QuotationThe Malta FLP trip was an invaluable experience that cannot be replicated within the rachel greenwaytraditional classroom setting, and it will always be a memorable experience of my graduate school training. Through this international program, I broadened cultural awareness, developed insights regarding the social health care system related to occupational therapy in an international setting, enhanced my personal growth, and strengthened relationships with classmates. I would recommend this experience to future students. Quotation - Rachel Greenway



jessica maceyQuotation MarkNot only did this trip open my eyes to other ways of living and thinking, architecture, art, and history, it also opened my eyes to personal challenges both interpersonally and intrapersonal. Things I thought were true about myself were challenged or changed. I would definitely recommend this experience to others.Quotation Mark - Jessica Macey



QuotationI would recommend this experience to others. I feel that I gained a greater grasp of
sarah innocenticultural competence, global occupational therapy and medicine, and interpersonal skills. I enjoyed the Maltese experience and am glad that I was able to attend this faculty led experience.Quotation - Sarah Innocenti



amy williamsQuotation MarkThis trip allows you to grow personally while immersing yourself in a new culture. It gives you the chance interact with a large number of people while learning different communication styles among peers, service-users, and other professionals. This was a fun and enlightening experience and if students are interesting in developing these skills I would recommend this trip.Quotation Mark - Amy Williams


QuotationI learned about a culture and a country that, prior to this trip, I didn't even know mary lynn zweersexisted! I found the cultural syncretism in Malta to be fascinating! Their socialized healthcare was also something I had never experienced before and I found myself wishing we had a similar system. As a person, I feel that I grew in my cultural competence and I would always recommend traveling abroad! For me, traveling opens my eyes not only to the world, but to myself as well. My insecurities and strengths are highlighted and I always leave with a deeper understanding of who I am as an individual. I felt extremely grateful for this trip and the opportunity I had to experience such a beautiful and hospitable part of the world!Quotation - Mary-Lynn Zweers