FLP Student Forms

All applications must be submitted to the SJSU Study Abroad Office.

FLP Student Application Form (pdf)

This form will be submitted via email to three persons. The attached application should be saved as “LastName.FirstName.Country” (e.g. Chung.Helena.Vietnam). The subject line in your email should read as “FLP Student Application.” Instructions on how to sign the application electronically can be found below. The application should be emailed to the faculty leader and the Study Abroad Office at studyabroad@sjsu.edu.

Note: This form must be filled in Adobe Reader V.8 or a newer version. Proofread your edits while the “Highlight Fields” button is unchecked (purple bar on top, right). Save, close and reopen the file to verify that your form is filled before submitting.

Non-SJSU/Open University Registration Form (pdf)

Please fill out and submit this additional Non-SJSU/Open University form if you currently do not attend SJSU or are graduating by spring 2013.

How to Create an Electronic Signature to Sign the FLP Student Application

If you have Adobe, download instructions on signing a document electronically (pdf). If you do not have Adobe but have the Paint program on Windows, open it up and follow these directions. If you have another operating system, any similar paint program should suffice:

  • On the toolbox toolbar to the left of the screen, use the pencil option to draw your signature.
  • On the same toolbox toolbar on the left of the screen, choose the “select” option, which is the first option on the second column (it looks like a dotted rectangle).
  • Draw a box around your signature. Using your mouse, right click the area, and select “copy.”
  • Go back to the FLP Student Application. Paste your signature by pressing the keyboard options, “Ctrl+V” or go to Edit > Paste.
  • Move your signature to the area above the signature line.

The following forms are to be completed after being accepted to the program