Health Insurance for Incoming Exchange Students

All incoming exchange students will be required to purchase health insurance through SJSU.  The SJSU health insurance plan is administrated by JCB Insurance Solutions.  No other insurance plans can be accepted.* 

After you have been officially accepted on exchange at SJSU, please click the link below to purchase the exchange student health insurance.

Please select: San Jose State University / Plan Year / ISSS International Students when prompted. 


The portal will then ask you to select either a single semester's insurance coverage or the academic year; please select based on the duration of your exchange. 

*Please note that students attending SJSU on exchange through the ISEP network should not purchase this insurance. 

While the instructions state that you will be unable to enroll in classes unitl you purchase the insurance, this is not applicable to exchange students, so please disregard this advice. 

All exchange students must be able to demonstrate insurance coverage by the time of their arrival at SJSU.