Other Faculty Opportunities Abroad

Faculty Research and Collaboration Abroad

Although there are not any formal faculty exchange programs, SJSU faculty can make contact with any partner institution in the SJSU Bilateral Programs to explore various possibilities for collaboration. Some opportunities include: joint research, teaching while on sabbatical and guest lecturing. Please see the Study Abroad Coordinator to get contacts at partner universities. Also see Other International Opportunities for information about Fulbright and the SJSU Salzburg Program.

International Grants

See Scholarships for occasional faculty international grant opportunities.

CSU IP Resident Director Opportunity

Each year CSU International Programs recruits faculty to serve as Resident Directors (RDs) in a number of its study abroad programs. These positions represent one of the best chances within the CSU to work and live for an academic year in the following countries: China, France, Italy, and Spain (Israel is currently suspended).