Global Student Network

Join a New Global Student Organization

Mission Statement

The Global Student Network (GSN) is a student organization dedicated to:

  • Promoting study abroad and international experiences
  • Facilitating global friendship and cross-cultural interaction
  • Providing a support network for international and study abroad students.

What We Expect

  • Students could gain awareness of diversity in new global generation
  • Sharing individual Study Abroad experiences
  • Helping to support study abroad/exchange and the internalization of the SJSU campus community.

Who We Serve?

GSN is an affiliation of San José State University’s Office of International Programs and Services (IPS).

It is run by and supports the student population that IPS serves, including:

  • Potential study abroad students
  • International Exchange or visiting students currently studying at SJSU
  • SJSU Study Abroad alumni


To become a GSN member you must be a currently enrolled full-time student at San José State University and one of the following:

  • General SJSU student
  • J-1 visa student (exchange student)
  • Visiting international student (including International Gateways students)
  • SJSU alumni


For more information, like the Global Student Network on Facebook or on YouTube!