Women's Institute in Summer Enrichment 2013

SJSU hosted WISE 2013. WISE was a one-week residential summer program at NSF STC TRUST's SJSU campus that brought together graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and professors from all disciplines that were interested in Ubiquitous Secure Technology and the social, political, and economical ramifications that are associated with this technology. Thought leaders from academia, industry, and government come to WISE to teach power courses in several disciplines, including computer science, engineering, economics, law, and public policy. The one-week program allowed participants to explore opportunities for career development and to network with their peers.

Steven Bellovin
Columbia University/Federal Trade Commission
Cybersecurity Research Challenges

Linda Bushnell
University of Washington
Leader Selection for Performance and Control of Complex Networks

Ellick Chan
Stanford University
Understanding the Challenges with Medical Data Segmentation

Dana Dachman-Soled
Microsoft Research New England
Minimal Assumptions for Cryptographic Tasks and Provable Security in Realistic Models

Armando Fox
University of California, Berkeley
How Free Online Courses are Changing Computer Science Education

Sherif Halawa
Stanford University

Raquel Hill
Indiana University
Evaluating the Utility of a Differentially Private Social Science Dataset

Ann-Marie Horcher
Nova Southeastern University
View from the Inside - The experience of a Novice on a Conference Committee

Sheila Humphreys
University of California, Berkeley

Peifung E. Lam
Stanford University
Understanding the Challenges with Medical Data Segmentation

Bradley Malin
Vanderbilt University
How to De-identify a DNA Database… And Keep it That Way

Ashley Podhradsky
Dakota State University

Sabrina Soracco
University of California, Berkeley

Galina Schwartz
University of California, Berkeley
Cyber-Physical Risks

Alexandra von Meier
California Institute for Energy and Environment
Information Technology in the Electric Grid: Challenges and Opportunities