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English 112B Literature for Young Adults


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4th Credit Enhancement

After the First Death - Brown Bag Items

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Appendix A - Text Complexity

Book Pass Titles

Book Talk Response Sheet

Book to Film Selection Options

Brown Bag for After the First Death

Brown Bag for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Brown Bag for Speak

Brown Bag for We Were Here

Brown Bag for Witness

Celebrating 10 Years of Speak

Chapters from Adolescents in the Search For Meaning: Tapping the Powerful Resource of Story


     Chapter 1

     Chapter 2

     Chapter 3

     Chapter 4

     Chapter 5

     Chapter 6

     Chapter 7

     Chapter 8

Choices for Book Talks

Chris Crutcher video

Chris Crutcher video 11-16-20

Description of the Book to Film Assignment

Dr. Bickmore's YA Wednesday

Elements of Book Talks

Exeter Study Qualities

Fall 20 Unit of Study/Annotated Bib. eval

Fantasy Quotes for Prisoner of Azkaban

Field Experience 4th Credit Enhancement

Field Experience Hours

Gary Paulsen Quote and Prompt

Good, Evil, and Every Shade In Between Prisoner of Azkaban Literary Analysis, by Yvette Ackerman

Groups for Triad Sharing in Response to Chapter 1 

Honor List Book Characteristics

Analyzing Text Complexity

I Am Poem Template

I am poems

Inventory YA Literature

LH Anderson Article

Karen Hesse Article

Laurie Halse Anderson's Novel: Speak

Laurie Halse Anderson video

Linda Hogan's Heritage Poem

Macbeth's Plot Game

Matt de la Peña May 5, 2012 video

MG/YA Novels for Issues & Challenges Facing Adolescents

NCTE Statement Preparing Teachers

Owl Eyes

Poems to Teach to Teens

Poetry in America

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Quotes on Censorship

Quotes Only 112B Final Rev

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Rayford's Song Edited

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Rubrics for the Literary Analysis paper

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Short History of YA Lit

Speak video

SSW 1 for August 24

SSW Response Sheet

Stories Moving Readers

Sue Ellen's Foreword

Suggestions for Pairing Contemporar

Thesis/ Literary Analysis

Time Magazine - Top 10

Unit of Study/Annotated Bibliography Guidelines

YA Wednesdays.com

YA Wednesdays YouTube Channel (Steve Bickmore)

YA Wednesdays Topics

Sample Essays:
a. Brenna Dimas "Closer to the Devil's Clutches"
b. "Armchairs and Shareware..."
c. "Solid Clues in a World with No Rules"
d. "Guardian Angel with a Ponytail"
e. S. Corona - Prisoner of Azkaban paper

Literature for Today's Young Adults

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 12

Chapter 20

Appendix C