GENERATE: The First-Generation College Student Program is designed to support the success of first-generation college students at San Jose State University.  

GENERATE began in 2011 as a committee led by Educational Counselor Dr. Jennifer Morazes. The GENERATE Advisory Committee, made up of students, staff, and faculty from various departments, still meets on a monthly basis to discuss student concerns, resources and services to offer students, and plan events to foster a community for college success.

As of Fall 2014, GENERATE became part of the MOSAIC Cross-Cultural Center, which is currently located in MOD A.  We offer workshops, events, and a supportive environment for our first-generation college students.  

Our program is still in its pilot phase. 



GENERATE: The First-Generation College Student Program seeks to foster connection, skills building, and academic success for the first-generation college students of San Jose State University.



GENERATE's purpose is to promote visibility, support, coordinated resource exchange, and college success for those who identify as First-Generation College Students at SJSU. We further hope to support teaching and relevant research, and aim to foster community collaboration toward this purpose comprised of students, staff, faculty, and community members.

 We strive to build a community of support for college success. 


Want to learn more about us?

See the recent feature of GENERATE and the "I RELATE" campaign in the Fall 2013 Diversity on Academe Issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education.  The GENERATE model also was recently presented at the National Conference on Race in Ethnicity in American Higher. 


For more information, contact Program Coordinator, Amanda Aldama at amanda.aldama@sjsu.edu.