Lee, Bee Leng

Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

MacQuarrie Hall 414

Email: beeleng.lee@sjsu.edu



Ph.D. Statistics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.S. Statistics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.Soc.Sci. Statistics, National University of Singapore



Probability and statistics

List of publications


Fan, S., Lee, B. L. and Lu, Y. (in press). A curve-free Bayesian decision-theoretic design for phase Ia/Ib trials considering both safety and efficacy outcomes. Statistics in Biosciences

An Introduction to Computational Probability and Statistics with R



Probability and Statistics

Math 161A    Applied Probability and Statistics I
Math 161B   Applied Probability and Statistics II
Math 162   Statistics for Bioinformatics
Math 163   Probability Theory
Math 164   Mathematical Statistics
Math 203   CAMCOS
Math 258   Categorical Data Analysis
Math 261B   Design and Analysis of Experiments
Math 264   Bayesian Data Analysis (student projects)
Math 266   Survival Analysis
Math 267   Computational Statistics
Math 267A   Statistical Programming with R
Math 298   Special Study (projects supervised)
SMPD 286   Statistical Methods in Clinical Trials

Other Courses

Math 30   Calculus I
Math 70   Finite Mathematics