Mechatronics Tutorial Information

The following links will take you to various tutorials and references on key subjects in mechatronics. If you come across some other high quality tutorials or references that are not listed here, please e-mail me the URL.



Digital Electronics

(See the general electronics links also)

  • All About Circuits Chap 4 A nicely done tutorial on digital electronics
  • Digital Systems Tutorial A very complete tutorial from the University of Sydney
  • Digital Logic A fun, interactive tutorial covering combinational and sequential logic
  • Combinational Logic Simulator Drag-and-drop logic gates and see how combinational logic circuits function. Written in Adobe Flex.
  • ADC/DAC Operation Nice overview of how analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters work


(See the general electronics links also)

  • Resistor Color Code Resistor color code from Leon Audio
  • Standard Resistor Values Standard EIA decade resistor value table
  • How to Read Capacitor Codes How to read a capacitor code
  • Diodes Good overview of diodes
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Good overview of LEDs
  • Inductors Good overview of inductors
  • Transistors Good overview of transistors
  • The Transistor Story The history of how the transistor came to be, plus TONS more information!
  • MOSFETs Good overview of MOSFETs
  • Power MOSFET Basics More in-depth overview of how Power MOSFETs are constructed and function
  • Op-amp Basics Nice overview of operation amplifiers from National Semiconductor
  • Op-amp Applications Book Analog Device's extensive coverage of op-amps and their applications
  • The Monolithic Op-amp Robert Widlar's classic app note on op-amps
  • Op-amp Applications Guide 
  • Op-amp Circuit Collection Extensive collection of applications of op-amps
  • Op-amps for Everyone Texas Instrument's extensive design reference on op-amps
  • 555 Timer Tutorial Fantastic tutorial on the highly versatile and useful 555 timer
  • Battery University Extensive coverage of batteries


  • Electric Motors and Generators An introduction using animations and schematics to explain the physical principles of motors, generators and transformers
  • DC Motor Tutorials Lots of good information about dc and stepper motors from MicroMo Electronics
  • DC Motor Principles Fundamentals of ironless armature dc motors
  • Control of Stepping Motors Doug Jones' excellent tutorial on stepper motors
  • Stepper Motors Ian Harries nice collection of links on stepper motors and re-using salvaged ones
  • Motors and Drives Overview of AC motors and more
  • Motor Overview Has a good overview of dc motors and lots of interesting links at the end
  • Motor Design and Power Electronics A full-blown course on motors and actuators starting with magnetics
  • Motor Fundamentals Links Links to app notes on motors from Microchip
  • Rules of Thumb for Sizing Motors A good guide, with an example, on how to size a dc motor


Microcontrollers, et. al.


  • Soldering Video EXCELLENT, 7 minute video showing how to solder!
  • The Basic Soldering Guide Great overview of how to solder. Don't miss the photo galleries that accompany this site.
  • How to Solder SMT Devices Good resource on how to solder the more modern surface mount components
  • Low-Cost SMT Soldering Guide Nice guide for soldering surface mount components
  • Learn How To Solder: Repairing Electronics & Appliances A nice collection of links related to soldering for many different situations
  • How to Wire-Wrap Good overview of a helpful prototyping skill
  • Prototyping Tips Read this before you do any prototyping! Very helpful tips.
  • Prototyping Techniques and Soldering Good introduction to schematics, assembly methods, and soldering
  • Dead Bug Construction Best practices for adding discrete components to PCBs for active changes
  • Working with High Frequency Op-Amps Construction techniques for working with high frequency op-amps
  • Circuit Maker Simulation Software Freeware (limited) version of a good circuit design and simulation software
  • Embedded Systems Development Jack Ganssle's archive of articles on embedded systems development
  • Circuit Cellar's Digital Library Some of the articles from the print version of the quintessential embedded systems magazine



  • How PIR motion detectors work Good overview of how an infrared motion detector works.
  • Wireless and Amateur Radio
  • Antennas 101 Introductory guide to antennas and how they work
  • Antennas 102 More Q&A A few more questions and answers following the previous article
  • J-pole antenna Simple instructions to create a portable, flexible antenna for 2m and 70cm operation
  • Amateur Radio Homebrew Antennas and Antenna Theory Huge collection of links to antennas for all bands and antenna theory