This website contains documentation for use of the Student Participation Observation Tool (SPOT). The SPOT is an instructor observing tool that is meant to help an observer categorize instructor-student interactions during real-time observations for professional development and research purposes. It is similar to the RIOT in content and layout, but while RIOT was created from observing active learning classrooms, SPOT is optimized more for courses that contain some traditional lecture elements so that observers can track student participation. SPOT was developed by Katrina Roseler, Cara Harwood, & Cassandra Paul. Andrew Reid programed the version of SPOT linked here. Any questions about the RIOT should be directed to: Cassandra dot Paul at


SPOT is still under development. Currently there are two versions of SPOT. You can try the SPOT tool here (you will need a google account), or a slightly newer version here (you will need to create a user account for GORP).





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