About the Professor

Debbie Abbott has over twenty years of experience in high technology finance and marketing. She has consulted and worked for leading Silicon Valley companies. She currently works as senior marketing manager at Cisco Systems. In addition to her corporate work, Debbie has been teaching Finance at San Jose State University since 2006.

After receiving her MBA in Finance from UCLA, Debbie worked as a financial manager at Xerox for ten years where she was recognized for her financial forecasting and planning. She has also held has marketing management positions at Xerox, Plantronics and Proxim and consulted for companies such as Charles Schwab, Symantec, Yahoo, Intuit and more.

This semester Debbie will be teaching two Bus 170 Finance classes. Debbie brings to her classes a solid understanding of finance fundamentals and its real world applications in corporate financial planning, pricing, market research, new product introductions, personal finance, and more. Plus, she views teaching one of the things she does for the "fun of it." Debbie has been designated a Master Teacher, in recognition of her teaching excellence, every year for the past four years.