Deborah Abbott

Adjunct Faculty
Department of Accounting and Finance
Lucas College and Graduate School of Business


San José State University
One Washington Square 
San José, CA 95192-0066



Office Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday 1645-1730 and by appointment

Office Location

BT 852


MBA, University of California Los Angeles

BS, University of California Davis


Debbie Abbott has over thirty years of experience in finance and marketing with leading Silicon Valley companies. Debbie has been teaching Finance at San Jose State University since 2006 and has been recognized as a master teacher. Her goal is help students understand how mastering finance gives them the power to make decisions that can transform businesses and their personal lives. 

After receiving her MBA in Finance from UCLA, Debbie worked as a financial manager at Xerox for ten years, where she was recognized for her financial forecasting and planning. She them moved into marketing and held senior marketing management positions at Flex, Cisco, Xerox and other companies. She has also consulted for companies such as Charles Schwab, Symantec, Yahoo, and Intuit.