manometer    computer cooling experiment    cutaway of nuclear power plant    internal combustion engine    surface plot

L to R: manometer; computer cooling experiment in the heat transfer lab; cutaway of a nuclear power plant containment building (courtesy G.E. Nuclear Energy); piston and cylinder of V8 spark ignition engine, Matlab (TM) surface plot of solution to partial differential equation

ME Curriculum

ME 230 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
ME 211 Advanced Heat Transfer
ME 210 Advanced Thermodynamics
ME 195A/B Senior Design Project
ME 114 Heat Transfer
ME 113 Thermodynamics
ME 111 Fluid Mechanics

Outside ME

UNVS 196D (Fall 2008) Climate Solutions Initiative

Industry Short Courses

Experimental Measurements in Thermal Management of Electronic Systems (Co-taught with R. Moffat, R. Westphal, A. Ortega, Semi-therm International, San Jose, CA, March 2004)