Professional & Service Activity

Professional & Service Activity

  • Ad-hoc Committee to Institutionalize Campus Services for Immigrant Students

Volunteer Convener, 2014-Present

Description:  I organized a group of dedicated SJSU staff and faculty to work on defining the institutionalization of an center/office for immigrant student services.  

  • Search Committee AVP Student Affairs
    Volunteer Member, Fall, 2014

    Description: I serve on the committee to identify and recommend candidates for the position of VP for Student Affairs. Interviews and Campus Visits will take place in November and December.

  • COSS Curriculum Committee
    MAS REPRESENTATIVE, 2012-Present

    Description: Review class proposals for departments in the College. Attend monthly meetings. Report to MAS faculty on curricular issues and policies.

  • National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS)
    Executive Director, 2001-Present

    Description: Assist the National Board with Policy analysis, Conference Site selection, develop Hotel RFP and engage in contract negotiation. With Treasurer Manage Accounts and payments. Serve on Committees as needed. Annual Budget ranges from $96,000 to $204,000. Communicate with colleges and universities to recruit presence at national conference and membership in organization. Assist members and presenters with organizational integration. Develop program and publicity materials as needed. Development plans and fundraising to secure sponsors for conference activities and events. Meet with local and national chapter members. Assist with organization publications including proceedings, newsletters, by-laws and policies. Recruit membership among students, faculty and academic support personnel. Write reports and RTP support materials as needed for members of the organization.

  • Africana, Asian American, Chicano and Native American (AAACNA) Center Advisory Committee 
    Chair for CLFSA, 2001-Present

    Description: Organized to oversee the Chicana/o Studies Resource Center Collection, and the development of the collections of African American and Asian American Studies within the new center. I serve as the elected representative for Mexican American Studies and the Chicano/Latino Faculty and Staff Association. Develop recommendations for service to students, faculty and staff. Assist with programming and fundraising.

  • Mexican American Studies RTP Committee
    Member, 2009-2014, 2017-2018.

    Description: Served on RTP Committee for Professor ML Barrera, 2-5th year committee. Identified committee members. Wrote final assessment report for committee for 5th year report.

  • Mexican American Studies - Acting Chair
    Acting Chair, Spring 2013

    Description: Served as Acting Chair Spring 2013 (January 22-May 31). Conducted Temporary Faculty Assessment and Reviews, Chaired RTP 5th year Committee for Professor M.L. Barrera, Wrote and Submitted Proposal for RTP line in Policy for department, Represented department at UCCD, COSS Policy Committee, and COSS Curriculum Committee. Prepared agendas, minutes and officiated department meetings. Organized proposals for CEF for Adjunct Faculty. Submitted Class Schedule for Fall 2013. Submitted Proposal and Obtained Computer work station for MAS Graduate Students.

  • IRB Committee
    Member, Fall 2013

    Description: I began service on this committee in November of 2013. I have completed CITI training and continue to learn about IRB at SJSU. I requested removal from Committee in January 2014.

  • Counseling Center RTP Committee
    Member, 2013

    Description: Served on Committee as external member. Reviewed RTP dossier for 5 candidates for RTP retention and promotion. Analyzed, prepared assessment report and presented one case for 4th year retention. Participated in all candidate dossier reviews, discussions and assessment reports.

  • COSS Research Committee
    Member, 2007-2012

    Description: Reviewed COSS Research Proposals, Travel Proposals, and Thesis Competition Candidates.

  • COSS Immigration Committee
    Member, 2006-2011
  • SJSU University Library Board-
    Member, 2008-2011

    Description: Served on ULB Committee for Resources to Alumni. Prepared Report with committee members and submitted for implementation to board. Contributed to Resolution on Open Source to Senate, contributed to King Library Self-Study for Program Planning Review.