HSS (GE course)

General-education (GE) courses are offered in (almost) all American universities as a means to bridge the gap between the humanities and "science," to prepare students to face the world once they graduate. Since being fluent in both areas will enable the student to be a better citizen and enjoy higher chance of being employed in the ever-changing job market. Unfortunately, most available GE courses are too narrow in their scope and are confined either to the humanities or "science." The GE course, "Humanities, Science, Scimat" (HSS or HuSS) created by Lui Lam offers something completely new. It is an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural introduction to the humanities and "science" from the perspective of scimat. It also serves as an ideal vehicle to teach undergrads of any major to do research by actually doing it. A textbook by Lam for this course will soon be available. The course can be taught by any university instructor.


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