Applied, Computational, and Industrial Mathematics Seminar

The Applied, Computational, and Industrial Mathematics Seminar Series focuses on topics related to the application of mathematical and computational techniques in the applied sciences and industry.

If you would like more information on the seminar series, or are interested in participating or speaking, please contact the organizing committee:

Unless otherwise noted, talks take place at 3:00-4:00 p.m. in MH 320.

Spring 2017 Schedule:

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
March 13 Dan Brinkman (SJSU)

Numerical Simulation of Semiconductors with the Drift Diffusion Equations

March 20 Gilles Gnacadja (Amgen) From Abstract Algebra to Pharmacology: A Mathematician's Journey
March 27 ----- Spring break!
April 3 ----- No Seminar
April 10 ----- No Seminar
April 17 Matthew Johnston (SJSU) Extinction Events in Chemical Reaction Networks with Discrete State Spaces
April 28
11:00am MH 320
Mahsa Faizrahnemoon (Simon Fraser University) Mathematical modeling of the scheduling of a production line at SKF
May 1 Changho Kim (Lawrence Berkeley Labs) Simulating Reactive Fluids and Reaction-Diffusion Systems at Small Scales
May 8 Matthew Zahr (Lawrence Berkeley Labs) Gradient-based optimization of flow problems
using the adjoint method and high-order
numerical discretizations