Origin of Life

Time: Wednesday, March 22

Location: Biology Department - Duncan Hall


Below is a list of papers and URL's that will be useful for the class on origins of life. I recommend reading at least 2 of them as background. If you are interested in the chemical details of origin of life theories, Dr. Parr has some pdf's from Max Bernstein as well. We will be updating this site with URL's and papers in the coming week or so. Keep checking back!

Prof. Steve Mojzsis of U. Colorado teaches a graduate course on astrobiology, and has compiled an excellent reading list.

Prof. Norm Sleep of Stanford Geophysics is The Man when it comes to habitability of planets, impact hazards and mass extinction events, planetary evolution and things like that. He has a marvelous webbook that covers many topics. Brilliantly punchy, entertaining and informative reading, with lots of cool photos by the author.

Course Documents